Structural engineering is usually a field reserved for civil engineers. But as the fields are turning more interdisciplinary, there are a few rare universities that offer structural engineering for Mechanical Engineers. Here are a few universities in Europe that offer Structural Engineering for Mechanical Engineers:

LUT University – Finland

Course available – Master’s Programme in Advanced Structural Design and Robotised Welding

The LUT University is the first Finnish university to meet OECD and European Commission criteria. In this course, you will learn how to design and manufacture metal structures for mechanical applications.  So far, the university has made 926 scientific publications. The university houses the following schools for research purposes:

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) – Sweden

Course available – Master’s Programme in Mechanical Engineering – Structural Mechanics

BTH conducts education and research at high international levels where traditional subjects like engineering and information technology are integrated with other disciplines. The Structural Mechanics course will train you to be involved in advanced product development procedures. The course focuses on subjects such as numerical calculation methods, fracture mechanics, analysis of vibration, etc. The research at the university is very much connected to industrial challenges. The university focuses on several research areas such as systems engineering, planning, and built environment and strategic sustainable development.

University of Girona – Spain:

Course available – The Master of Science in Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MMS)

The Master of Science in Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MMS) is an official master’s degree that aims to skill the students in the areas of materials, structures, and current techniques used in the field of structural engineering.  The course contains four modules – Composites, Structures, Solid Mechanics, and Computational Mechanical Design. This course is accredited with excellence by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency, AQU Catalunya. The AMADE group from the University of Girona is involved in interdisciplinary research on new ways to improve mechanical or structural behavior.


Apart from the above-mentioned universities, there are plenty of universities where you can learn structural concepts as one of the subjects during your post-graduate period. But if you are looking to specialize exclusively in structural engineering then the options are quite limited now. But like I mentioned above, the fields are turning more interdisciplinary. So it is expected that in a not-so-distant future, structural engineering will be more fine-tuned for mechanical engineers as well.

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