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What connects Sir Issac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Archimedes, Nikola Tesla, James Watt, and Bill Nye (The Science Guy)? 

Besides being notable science luminaries spanning across the last seven centuries, they are all fundamentally mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineering is a classic and seminal branch of engineering.


Mechanical Engineers at Their Core

At the core level, a mechanical engineer applies the fundamental principles of mechanics and the knowledge of materials science for the design, manufacturing, analytics, and efficient maintenance of mechanical systems. 



Furthermore, mechanical engineering is a field that has given birth to numerous other modern-day disciplines or served as the base for them. In a world of increasing specialization, where subject matter specialists are in vogue, 21st-century fields of study such as aerospace engineering, automobile engineering, simulation engineering, and even naval engineering are derivatives of the field of mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineers are valuable members of the economy and hold crucial responsibilities as skilled workers with a very specialized skillset. A frequent question raised by students is, what salary can you expect after a Skill-Lync PG Certification course?

This short article serves to a high-level overview of the industry-standard salaries for mechanical engineers, the past salary track record of students who have completed a Skill-Lync PG Certification course, and the growth curve of an individual working in the industry as a mechanical engineer.


Industry Standard Salaries For Mechanical Engineers

As per a statistic by Payscale, the average salary of a mechanical engineer in India is approximately 3.5 lakh rupees, with minimum and maximum ranges varying considerably for freshers. The top and the most desired recruiters for mechanical engineers are giants such as Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Limited, Tata Motors, Eaton Corporation, General Electric, Schlumberger, etc.


Track Record for Salaries at Skill-Lync

The aim at Skill-Lync is to match mechanical engineers with U.S-based Post Graduate degree courses, or employers directly, or both. Completing the learnings from an online Post graduate course with Skill-Lync, developed in collaboration with industry companies and experts, increases the likelihood of gaining some valuable skills and experience that will give a definite edge in the crowded job market.  

Thus far at Skill-Lync, more than 150+ students have been placed in core mechanical engineering companies. Based on the data of these 150+ students, some of the trends are as follows:


1. B Tech/BE Fresher After Skill Lync Post Graduate Course Completion

Salary prospects post a Skill-Lync Post Graduate course completion are quite promising for B Tech/BE freshers. Of course, the range of salaries can vary based on various factors such as quality of the interview, performance in different rounds, and even luck, but purely based on the GPA of the student the observations are as follows:

  1. If the GPA of the student is more than 6, then he or she is expected to get a salary between Rs. 2.45 to Rs. 2.85 lakhs per annum
  2. If the GPA of the student is more than 7, then he or she is expected to get a salary between Rs. 2.85 to Rs. 3.25 lakhs per annum
  3. If the GPA of the student is more than 8, then he or she is expected to get a salary between Rs. 3.25 to Rs. 3.65s lakh per annum

While these are rough ranges, the salaries that our B Tech/BE fresher students are getting are at par with the industry average.


2. M Tech/ME Graduate After Skill-Lync PG Certification Course Completion

M Tech/ME students in the field of mechanical engineering can often bring slightly higher expertise and experience to a very specialized job. Of course, the nature of the Indian college education system is such that most of the practical learnings have to be while doing the job. However, the trends we have seen with M Tech/ME students concerning salaries is that they are slightly higher compared to the B Tech/BE freshers.

The rough correlation with the GPA based on the data that we currently have is as follows:

  1. If the GPA of the student is above 7.5, then he or she is expected to get a salary between Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh per annum.
  2. If the GPA of the student is between 6 and 7.5, then a salary of Rs. 3 to 4 lakh per annum is the norm.


3. Experienced Professional After Completing Skill-Lync Post Graduate Course

An experienced professional, who has completed a reverse-engineered Skill-Lync PG certification course created in collaboration with the industry companies and experts, can expect a jump of 20-30% in their salary if they have internalized all the skills taught in the course.


Word of Caution

Of course, whether you are a B Tech/BE fresher or an M Tech/ME graduate, or even an experienced professional, just enrolling in the course will not magically get you a job. Enrolment is just the first step. 

After that, you have to keep a high and consistent level of performance throughout the course. You have to finish the projects and construct a portfolio of your work that you can showcase to potential recruiters in your field. The Skill-Lync customer success team does a great job of facilitating opportunities with companies that you can utilize.


Mechanical Engineering Jobs Pay in the Medium-to-Long Term


With core mechanical engineering jobs, one thing that students must understand is that a copious amount of practical learning, knowledge, and even wisdom comes while working in the field. A student who has just completed a BTech/BE does not immediately have the prerequisites to execute a very complicated role to perfection.

Therefore, the first year is for such firm-specific and sector-specific improvements. After 2-3 years of experience, salaries can increase up to Rupees 5 to 6 lakhs per annum. 

With continued performance and the right career moves, they can even go up to Rupees 8 to 10 lakhs per annum. Ultimately, the more skilled you are at your work, the better your chances are at getting a high CTC.

If you have any queries regarding potential salaries or any of the Skill-Lync course, then feel free to visit our website.


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