Among the many rising interdisciplinary areas in science, robotics is an essential area that is vital to many modern industries. Globally, the scope for robotics engineers is on the rise. This subject deals with designing, structuring, and building robots by using a computer to program and process them. A lot of universities offer a degree in robotics but it is usually offered by the faculty of Electrical engineering. In this article, we have handpicked 5 universities across Europe that offer Masters in Robotics for a Mechanical engineer:

South Ural State University:

Course offered: Masters in Mechatronics and Robotics

South Ural State University is one of the top ten universities in Russia and it has been a National Research university since 2010. In 2015, the university was chosen for Project 5-100  which focuses on improving the quality of Russian universities to meet international standards. This course covers subjects such as information processing, mechatronics, robotic systems, control theory, etc.

Some of the research labs at South Ural State University include:

Innopolis University:

Course offered: Masters of Science in Robotics

Innopolis University is a young institute focused on education and research in the area of IT and robotics. Although it is quite young compared to many other institutions, it has created an inspiring environment internationally. The University is working on cooperative projects with 36 reputable global academic institutions. It has 12 research laboratories and 8 research centers in operation. This course trains students on programming robots, modeling, and developing control algorithms.

Some of the research facilities at Innopolis institute include:

Dortmund University of Technology:

Course offered: Masters in Automation and Robotics

The Dortmund University of Technology is highly ranked when it comes to research in its profile areas: Materials, Production Technology and Logistics, Process Engineering, Modelling, Data Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation, etc. The university has strong institutional networks with other research institutes which impacts its research success greatly. This course trains the candidates in one of the three major fields: cognitive systems, process automation, and robotics.

You can follow this link to view the research labs at DUT.

Warsaw University of Technology:

Course offered: Master of Science in Robotics

The Warsaw University of technology is one of the leading technical institutes in Poland and Central Europe. In 2018, the university was ranked in the 601-800 band internally by the Times Higher Education. The scientific research work at the university happens across nineteen facilities and academic research centers. The research centers conduct interdisciplinary research, training, and promotional activities. Some of the research centers at Warsaw University of Technology include:

University of South Denmark:

Course offered: MSc in Engineering – Robot Systems (Advanced Robotics Technology/Drone Technology)

Since 2012, the University of South Denmark has been ranked among the top 50 young universities in the world by both Times Higher Education World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings. The course is taught with the cooperation of the HCA airport and the students are free to choose between two areas: robotics technology and drone technology. The research at SDU supports education programmes offered at university and the results are shared publicly to benefit the private sectors and the general public. In 2016, the  Danish Institute for Advanced Study (D-IAS) was set up with researches across all departments and subject areas. Other facilities that research the area of robotics include SDU RoboticsSDU Mechatronics, etc.

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