Out Of The Box Tips To Become An Excellent Mechanical Engineer

Being an excellent Mechanical Engineer takes a lot of effort & dedication. A person’s engineering skills are not just restricted to Math & Science, it is much beyond that. An Engineer must be solution-oriented, creative & must have a vision towards simplifying complex processes to make the surrounding “engineered”. Whether you are a student pursuing engineering or a mechanical engineering professional, this post will help you gain more insights on how to be the best engineer. Engineering colleges in India, just stick to the curriculum and they claim to have a lot of vision towards empowering the students to attain their degree with exceptional engineering skills. But, do you really think that is what they do, today? Well, blaming the system has been our routine but, beyond these failures that the education system has inculcated, we are here to render some help with your career prospects.

Understand & Not Just Study Math & Science

Calculus is a very important concept that is the lifeline of engineering. Understand calculus and do not byheart the formulas. Make sure you understand the concepts of Chemistry & Physics which are the backbones of engineering study. Recently, Computer Programming has become mandatory in all the engineering fields, try to understand how programming is used in your field, and start taking measures to learn them. A good starting point can be learning Matlab or Python. Mechanical Engineers who know to code are the best picks by Manufacturing giants.

Be A Part Of All The Math & Science Contests/Fairs

Participation is the key to gain immense knowledge irrespective of winning the contest. Be proactive in participating in these fairs and try attending a lot of workshops speaking about your domain knowledge which would help you sharpen the skills that you already know.

Try Utilizing Your Free Time And Spend It On Fun Ways To Learn Mechanical Engineering

A simple bicycle repair at home or a very easy break fixing in a motorbike would help you understand how the concept behind automotive work. Try hobbies like astronomy, rocketry, geology, auto-mechanics & robotics with various resources that are available in book stores or through free resources available over the internet. Just visit the nearest welding or mechanic shop in the vicinity and try to converse with them. Understand what it takes to be a welder or understand the common repairs that a mechanic resolves & request them to teach you how they do it. 

While these skills might look like very basic skills. They help you understand the practical aspects of engineering. All you need to do then is to correlate the physics you have learned with these practical applications.

Make Use Of Actual Tools

Go ask your parents about the tool kit that is shelved in the house. Grab it from them and get started with hammers & screwdrivers. Fix things that need repair, explore furniture, and improve their aesthetics by using the tools. Create something of wood or plastic of your own, impress your friends with the fancy stuff that you built with your creativity and intuitiveness. This will help you get a design perspective. i.e. Whenever you start working on CAD software, this will come in handy. This is the best way to engineer yourself and engineer things around you.

Breaking Is Something That You Must Do!

Approach the nearest recycling center and gather inexpensive mechanical objects. Ask your family, friends & neighbors to contribute broken stuff like electronic gadgets, watches, etc. Analyze the stuff that you have collected and rip them apart. See what is inside them and what made them work. Segregate everything that might be useful from them eg- old rechargeable battery or an engine exhaust and build something out of the recyclables. This improves your creativity and innovation skills.

Know More About Electronics & Try To Fix Your Own Computer-

Resistor codes are relevant to both electronics & mechanical engineers, read about the codes, and learn them. The world is moving towards an electro-mechanical revolution and the best way that you can pace up with this development is by understanding electronics as well. Why do you want to restrict yourself just to a Mechanical Engineer? In case you find this interesting, then a field that you might start looking to specialize in might be Mechatronics. Well, you can be an Electro-Mechanical Engineer, which is the future.

Document Everything That You Have Worked On

Don’t just stop by working on things and innovative ideas. Learn to write them down on a scribble pad or write them down on Notepad in your computer system. Technical writing is a skill set that must be acquired and this can be developed only by continued efforts. This will come in handy when you go for an interview with a technical company. Not only for the interview, but it will also help you perform your job better at your workplace as well.

Take An Interest In Manufacturing-

Where do paper clips come from? How about computer chips or jelly beans? Part of a mechanical engineer’s job is to design things so that they can be efficiently, inexpensively fabricated.

Well, all these are generalized tips for you to become an excellent Mechanical Engineer.

But if your goal is to score a job in the top Mechanical Engineering firms, then you need to make yourself Industry Ready!

Specializing in a field of interest is the best way to woo recruiters in this competitive world. You need to be a specialist in a field to demand a salary package that you deserve or rather dream.

The UG level specializations in Mechanical Engineering is as follows-

The best way to specialize in one particular field of interest is to take up courses on them. These courses are not often taught at Colleges and taking up such courses have their own perks- A plain sailing completion of course project & incredible placement records.

Society is greatly adapting to technology in every process and the mechanical engineering field has also extended its interest towards computers because of the accuracy that the digital systems offer.

Manual drafting is a common subject that is taught in colleges as a part of the curriculum but the world still isn't designing products manually.

So, Computer-Aided Drawings are something that has become a compulsion for today’s engineers and the colleges in India are obsolete in adapting to new industry standards. But, does that stop you from learning something new? No.

In this era of the internet and the benefits of being connected to the rest of the world, you must explore the opportunities around you. This can also be translated as- Take up online courses that could help you specialize in your domain. You do not have a problem with spending lakhs of rupees on your college degree and why not spend a meager amount that will help you to double the return on investment through a high-paying job?

Your quest to find your dream job begins with EdXengine, India’s leading online Mechanical Engineering Courses provider. Our courses are designed to make you a mech-head & a geek who can never be denied a job by any recruiter. This is achieved through intense training sessions starting from the basics to solving complex issues with practical exposure to each & every concept.



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