Rajes was one of the customers that were important and we at SKILL-LYNC wanted to get him into the best universities in the U.S. because had an unchallenged faith in our process.

How was your experience with SKILL-LYNC?

Rajes: It all started when I wanted to pursue my Master’s in Mechanical engineering abroad and did not know where to start and how to proceed through. I started without a vision about which all universities to apply for and what the application process was all about. I tried my luck on various university suggestion tools provided by many websites but wasn’t satisfied with the list I was suggested to apply for. So u can see that, just like every other undergrad aspiring for a Master’s degree, I was also struggling without proper guidance. If you wonder what got me to where I am now? I would say, EdXengine and their services changed my game and set me on a well-defined career path.

How different was SKILL-LYNC from the rest?

Rajes: The EdXengine profile evaluator generated a list of universities that I can apply for. The list did not just contain the name of the universities to apply for, it had all the important and useful data like the deadlines for application, fee structure and links to find research opportunities, and much more. Believe me, this well-structured report actually saved me hours of time that I would have spent to get all this information.
The best and the most important part of this career counseling service provided by the EdXengine is the SOP review process. It was when I was briefed upon the importance it had to play in my admission process, I realized its importance. But still, I found it hard to figure the flow of my SOP and couldn’t come up with a real reason for my interest in pursuing Masters. But I was counseled by a member of SKILL-LYNC and asked to write down my skills, experience, intended field of study, and so on as hints. Then I was able to put all the pieces together and get the big picture of what I am interested in and capable of doing. So in the process of drafting the SOP I had realized my strength, weakness, and my capabilities. So this was a real eye-opener for me to discover myself from a career point of view. Then after numerous revisions and editing by EdXengine I received my final SOP. I was very happy to see the final draft, as it was well-formatted, sequenced, and reflected the exact picture of my goals and achievements.

Me- Do You Think SKILL-LYNC is Worth the Money?

Rajes- Yes of course it was! After all the paperwork and reviews, SKILL-LYNC helped me keep track of the deadline and reminded me when the dates were approaching.


As a result of taking up their service, I ended up getting 2 admits out of the 4 I had applied. To be more specific I got admit from ASU and MTU. The best thing that I saw in EdXengine service was that they help you to push beyond your limits. Had I followed the list that I was suggested by other websites I would have ended up getting admits from all the universities I had applied for, eventually settling for less than what I deserve. But in EdXengine I got a list which contained a mix of universities to which I am most likely to get admit from if I present my interests, strengths, and passion in a well-defined sequence. I remember the words of the EdXengine member who guided me, “What’s the use of getting admit from all 10 universities you apply for when you will be able to attend only one? Apply for ambitious ones and increase your chances of getting into the best institution.”


Was there any post admit help from SKILL-LYNC Team?

Rajes: Post admit, SKILL-LYNC clarified various doubts regarding the visa and coursework selection process. In my personal experience, I found all the materials and services provided by SKILL-LYNC to be worth the money spent. I am sure you will also feel the same.


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