Like mentioned in the previous part of this article “Energy Engineering for Mechanical Engineers in UK – part 1”, Energy Engineering is expected to be a top player in a few decades since there is a constant demand for clean, renewable energy. Although programs that teach energy engineering are common across various universities, the universities that offer the same pathway for mechanical engineers is limited

Southampton University:

Course offered: MSc Sustainable Energy Technologies

Southampton University is a leading research and entrepreneurial university in the UK. It is ranked among the top 20 universities in the UK by The Complete University Guide in 2019. The MSc in Sustainable Energy Technologies course provides detailed theoretical knowledge to its learners in the various energy technologies available and then trains them to apply the knowledge via a research project. Being the 8th research university in the UK, Southampton University is dedicated to research in various fields and houses several facilities for such purposes.

University of Central Lancashire:

Course offered: MSc Renewable Energy Engineering

The Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering at UCLAN helps the learners to develop a critical understanding of the problems existing in the field of energy and how to solve them. Students learn how to use tools such as MATLAB, Simulink, PVsyst, Labview, etc. to simulate and monitor the performance of energy systems. The coursework is professionally accredited by The Institution of Engineering and technology.  As a research-oriented university, UCLAN houses the Engineering Innovation Centre (EIC) and is a part of the IsWindTech project which is an innovative research project on small wind turbines. The university also holds a number of experimental and computational facilities such as:

  • Dynamometer for generator testing
  • Pyranometers for solar radiation measurements
  • Matlab/Simulink, ANSYS, and SciLab for wind turbine blade design and CFD
  • Labview for system monitoring
  • PVsyst for photovoltaic system design etc.

Kingston University:

Course offered: MSc Renewable Energy Engineering

In this course, you get virtual design experience in CAD, CFD, and FEA analysis. Students get a chance to research and work on industry-relevant projects that can develop their technical skills and knowledge. The course is accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Engineering Council. The Applied Engineering Research Centre covers research in the following areas: CFD, applied engineering, manufacturing, material processing, and surface engineering.

University of Nottingham:

Courses available: MSc Sustainable Energy Engineering

Ranked as the International University of the Year by The Good University Guide, the University of Nottingham is one of the leading research universities in the UK. The faculty of engineering at the University offers a Masters in Sustainable energy program for mechanical engineers and engineers of related disciplines. The course will encourage the students to develop an understanding of the existing energy systems and how to analyse them for efficiency, energy conversion, energy storage, etc. It equips the students with technical skills on how to apply their knowledge in various industries. The course is accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Some of the research units at the university that work in areas related to energy engineering are:

Queen Mary University of London:

Course offered: Sustainable Energy Systems MSc

This program focuses on the scientific, engineering, and technical aspects of energy sustainability globally. It is an interdisciplinary subject that spans across three subjects: engineering, materials, economics, and management. The students also access to a range of facilities such as:

  • Combustion Laboratory
  • Computational Modelling Facilities
  • Mechanical Testing Facilities
  • Thermal Analysis Facility
  • Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Labs
  • Nano Fluids Research Labs
  • NanoVision Centre
  • Polymer Chemistry Laboratory


Since the countries of the world are looking for ways to reduce CO2 emission, energy engineering will be a great tool through which emission of the excess of CO2 gases can be avoided. On top of that, energy engineering works to produce technologies that can provide us with clean, renewable energy which is in great demand already. Hence choosing a field like energy engineering provides you with a lot of scope for research and application in the coming years.

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