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There are dreams, there are excuses. Every individual has both of these, those who reach their goals are people whose dream is just a little bigger than their excuses. This section is dedicated for engineers who go the extra mile, do the extra thing and keep constantly learning, just because their dream is a tad bigger than their excuses.


Gurunathan Sundaram – MS Mechanical Engineering

Fully Funded Admit – $73,000 tuition fee waived + $1000/monthly stipend + Research & Teaching Assistantship

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Guru took up our Matlab for Mechanical Engineers & CFD using Matlab & OpenFOAM coursework when he was in his final year at undergrad. Initially, we thought that he would not complete the coursework, because he was this vibrant kid who juggled with a lot of things and when he took up our course he realized that our course exposed the loopholes in his basic understanding of fluid dynamics. Almost all students in our Indian undergraduate system face this when they take up a course on Skill-lync. This is where students like Guru differentiate themselves, they take it as a challenge upon themselves to finish the course in the top spot of our leaderboard. Guru started watching all the video lectures and attempted the challenges in time, there were plenty of concepts he had doubts on, so he made sure to attend our support hours and ask a load of questions until his doubt got clarified. He persevered through the course, put his efforts in and in the end went the extra mile and started referring other texts to gain more knowledge. His goal of finishing our course developed in him a passion to learn more in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics. He went on to take up our Computational Combustion using Python & CanteraAdvanced IC Engine Simulation & Vehicle Dynamics using Matlab & Adams.

All Guru aimed for was to pursue his Masters, like most undergrads his GPA was somewhere in ~6.5-7 GPA level and had a GRE score in the ~300 range. But one thing he made sure, was to finish our course projects on time. When he came to us and mentioned he wanted to pursue his Masters, we believed in him because he developed a profile for himself by finishing our course projects. Our program director provided him a strong Letter of Recommendation, and our profile development team worked with him on his SOP & resume, fine-tuned it and helped him apply.

2 months later Guru reached out to us and mentioned he had an admit at Southern Illinois University, to top it off he got a tuition waiver of $73,000 with a monthly stipend of $1000 as a research assistant. This was great news for us, when we asked how it all happened, he mentioned: “I solved a complex governing equation in Matlab that my professor asked me to complete and I was the only one who was able to do it, even my seniors at the university where not able to do it”.

This is exactly what we at SKill-lync like to hear from our students, the ability to apply theory to real life engineering problems. This is how engineers and innovators are made up of. Now Guru is in his 3rd semester, we are confident hefindl ifnd a really good job soon and wish him all the very best.


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