The Mech PlayBook Series has covered in detail the best universities in the field of RoboticsBioMechanicsAutomotive EngineeringEnergy, 3D Printing, and Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD. We have one more on the list to cover, i.e. Materials Engineering.

In this post, we will see the various fields in Materials engineering and the top 10 universities in these respective fields.

The high-end research and the introduction of additive manufacturing techniques in the recent past have allowed researchers to test and develop new materials with distinct properties. Understanding the physics, chemistry, and engineering of common materials has led to the development of new advanced materials that currently shape very important industries. Some industries that have benefitted from these developments are healthcare industries, energy industries, electronics and photonics, transportation, advanced batteries and fuel cells, and nanotechnology. Students in materials science and engineering develop a fundamental understanding of materials at the nano, micro, and macro scales, leading to specialization in such topics as biomaterials; chemical and electrochemical materials science and engineering; computational materials science and engineering;  electronic, magnetic, and optical materials; and structural materials.

Here are the different subfields in Materials Engineering,

  • Biomaterials
  • Computational Materials
  • Energy Materials
  • Electronic Materials
  • Polymers &
  • Metallurgy

Here are the top 11 universities that are famous for Materials engineering, also we have segregated these universities with respect to their specialization, you can take a look at the detailed list here.


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