Why are people aiming for higher education abroad?

In the last century, people considered it satisfactory if you could just get a degree and secure a job, preferably in the government. Today, youngsters have bigger dreams. They wish to acquire international education to have a wide horizon for opportunities. One of the top choices for affordable and quality education is, Europe. Europe boasts of several world-ranking universities, especially for Mechanical Engineering. Here is a list of 5 universities that are regularly ranked among the best universities in Europe, excluding the UK.

ETH Zurich – Switzerland

ETH has been one of the best-ranked universities of all time. Its alumni embrace 32 Nobel laureates, including Albert Einstein. The master’s program at ETH is designed to offer in-depth knowledge in the core areas of mechanical engineering. The curriculum involves 42% of project work, giving the students the chance to learn through involvement. In 2017, researchers at ETH Zurich built an Omnicopter that could move in all the six degrees of freedom and has only one movable part. If you are interested in being a part of something like this, you can check out some of the masters offered at ETH that are relevant to Mechanical engineering:

You can check out the website of the university for more info.

Technical University of Munich – Germany

The metropolitan city of Munich has the high density of car manufacturers in the world and so needless to say, Technical University Munich has a strong automobile and mechanical department. The department offers up to 10 master’s programs in mechanical engineering. The research team at TUM has worked on projects like controlling the movement of aerial vehicles using only the pilot’s brain control.

Some of the Masters offered at TUM that are relevant to Mechanical engineering are:

You can find more info here.

École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne – Switzerland

École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne has always claimed a place among the top 10 European universities in the Times Higher education survey. The institute accentuates comprehensive knowledge and skill while offering specialisation opportunities. The structure of the course offered prepares students for both private sectors and scientific research. Highlights: In 2017, the team at EPFL developed a version of the origami robot called Tribot that was capable of crawling and jumping.

Some of the postgraduate courses offered at EPFL that are relevant to Mechanical engineering are:

For more info, click here.

Delft University of Technology – Netherlands

In 2018, TU Delft was ranked 54th in the world. The university trains engineers to think innovative, design, manufacturing. Some of the research highlights from the university include a solar-powered race car, a humanoid robot, and fiber metal laminate. Some of the courses offered at DUT that are relevant to Mechanical engineering are:

You can follow this link for more info.

KV Leuven – Belgium

The Master’s in mechanical engineering at KV Leuven is designed to train students in real-life research or industrial setting. This brings the students in close contact with reality and practical studies. It is the first-ranked university in Belgium and has a network of 300 partners. The institute is researching areas like drilling technology to develop safe and cheap drilling equipment.

Some of the courses offered at KV Leuven that are relevant to Mechanical engineering are:

You can check out the university website here.

There are several other universities across the European continent that excel in training Mechanical engineering graduates. While choosing among the top 5 universities sounds great, it is important to consider other factors before zeroing on a specific university/course. You can find more info in this article: basics of studying masters in Europe.


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