We at SKILL-LYNC wanted to quickly have a chat about Aditya’s successful admission process to top-ranking European Universities like ETH Zurich & TU-Delft and wanted to hear his views on how SKILL-LYNC helped him through the process.

How would you rate your overall experience with SKILL-LYNC?

Adi: I really had a great experience with SKILL-LYNC and I really appreciate all their sincere efforts in helping me out with few unbelievable University admits.

What did you like the most about us?

Adi: Oh well! The University Predictor of SKILL-LYNC is really accurate and they really worked out to be true, eventually. Their edits in my Resume & SOP brought the essence of who I am, they built a profile around me, after patiently understanding each and everything that I have done over a period of time.

One thing I noticed with Aditya, was the confidence he possessed. He was very sure about securing a job for himself after his masters and he had a special mention for us while saying that. He said, he now understands how to portray his accomplishments

How good were the interactions with us?

Adi: The conversations were more like a friendly way of approaching things. It was well mannered and it was not out of the context. People at SKILL-LYNC were always available over the phone for any clarifications. That made all the difference. When you have people supporting you whenever you have a question, that makes a lot of difference.

Aditya spoke very high about the quality of work by the Team at SKILL-LYNC. He praised the punctuality of the team and he sounded very satisfied with the words that were always kept.

Final Words-

Adi without any second thoughts, recommends EdXengine to all the students aspiring big in the higher education arena.

Inspired by Aditya Krishna’s story? We are always here to help you write your destiny. Come to us with a dream about your Masters abroad, we will get you there!


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