Behind the Scenes: Top 50 Placements at Skill-Lync

Skill-Lync launched the "Students Success Journeys" series to document the paths their students had taken to attain their dream job or post-graduation admit in a top university. In Part 2, we uncover the road to success for 24 such students. 

50 Shades of Success: Part 2

27. Sankar Raj: Axiscades, CAE GET

Sankar was an active learner at Skill-Lync, who also put in plenty of effort to prepare for domain-based interviews. As a result of his hard work and dedication, he landed the job of a CAE GET at Axiscades. 

28 & 29. Anand Sanithi and Phani Chandra: EASi Engineering Services, GET

Anand and Phani had enrolled in the CAE Master's program offered by Skill-Lync. Anand was a diligent student who finished all his courses and assignments on time. EASi was the third placement interview he attended. Phani showed exceptional commitment to his study plan at Skill-Lync, and he converted the first interview he attended into a job offer. 

30. Shreyas G: Faurecia, CFD Engineer 

Like some other students mentioned earlier, Shreyas was one who had prior experience in his field of interest, CFD. He made the most of Skill-Lync's CFD course and also sought assistance in preparing his resume. 

31. Rutvik Maasala: RLE India (Ford), CAE Engineer 

Rutvik's placement journey was unique as RLE India never hired freshers earlier for the CAE role. However, Rutvik's display of skills that he gained from Skill-Lync's course made the panel consider him for the job. 

32. Vimal Raj: EASi Engineering Services, GET

Vimal found success in his placement processes after a series of rejections. His perseverance was the crucial factor that helped him get his dream job. Vimal thanks his mentors for their extensive feedback and personalized training. 

33. Rajesh Pothuru: L&T Infotech, GET

As a student of the CFD Master's program, Rajesh applied regularly for job opportunities in the core sector. With the career assistance that he got from Skill-Lync, he landed a GET role in the Automotive and Aerospace Services of L&T Infotech. 

34. Sai Chiranjeevi: Fouress Engineering, Design Engineer

Sai enrolled in the Design Master's course offered by Skill-Lync. He applied for several job openings, and the training he received from his mentors helped him crack the tests at BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited) before getting his current role at Fouress. 

35. Vivek Sahil: TATA Motors, Support Lead

Vivek was one of the many students who joined Skill-Lync's master's program while they were still an undergraduate student. Vivek devoted considerable effort in his 3rd and 4th years to learn the concepts from Skill-Lync, which enabled him to get an excellent role at TATA. 

36. Saurabh Gehlot: Xitadel, Application Engineer 

Another undergraduate student who applied for the CFD program, Saurabh refined his fundamentals in computation and MATLAB with help from his mentors. He got a job which put his expertise to good use: an application engineer focusing on vehicle dynamics and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). 

37. Midhun Murali: CSIR, Junior Research Fellow

Midhun was the topper in his college. He joined the CFD program to understand the applications of his theoretical knowledge in real-world industrial scenarios. 

38. Jerral Ruffus: KPIT Technologies, Algorithm Developer 

Jerral was able to secure a very niche role at KPIT Technologies thanks to his projects and in-depth training from the CFD program. 

39. Vaibhav: IIT Madras, Research Assistant

Vaibhav tried out a couple of unpaid internships to gain industry exposure, where he realized the importance of software knowledge. After his CFD course at Skill-Lync, he landed a paid RA-ship at IITM. 

40. Kapil Vetrivel: Mercedes Benz, Intern 

Kapil's example shows how high students can go. He managed to secure an internship at a company that recruits only a handful of people across the world, thanks to his CFD skills. 

41. Keshav Desikan: ISRO, Intern 

A long-timer at Skill-Lync with over six courses, Keshav used his internship at ISRO and the skills he picked up from the CFD program to get a master's admit at Purdue University and UIUC.

42. Nikhit Bolar: Georgia Tech, MS in CFD 

Nikhit was rejected by US universities when he first applied for a master's, so he joined Skill-Lync as a research intern. After completing the CFD program, he was successful in securing an admit at Georgia Tech, a prestigious college.

43. Tanuj: TU Dresden, MS in Computational Modelling 

Tanuj started as an intern at Skill-Lync and went on to build his skills in MATLAB, ANSA, and other software tools, which helped him get his dream MS admit. 

44. Krishnan J: TU Braunschweig, MS in Computational Sciences 

Krishnan enrolled in Skill-Lync after his undergraduate degree, he got a paid internship at IITM. He went on to secure a coveted master's admit at TU Braunschweig in Germany. 

45. Kashif: KAUST, MS

Kashif started taking the CFD course in his second year, by when he already had fantastic coding skills. He did several internships at IITs before going to KAUST. 

46. Md. Zubair Akhtar: THI (Germany), MS

Zubair has enrolled in more than five courses to build his profile as a mechanical engineer. He was successful in his post-graduation application by getting into THI in Germany. 


47. Sai Prashanth: Michigan Tech University, MS

Sai worked in TVS after his undergraduate, but he wanted to learn further to apply for an MS. He currently studies at a university specializing in automotive applications. 

48 & 49: Raj Dave and Md. Anas Khan: Clemson University, MS

Raj and Anas were students of multiple courses of Skill-Lync and were successful in getting PG seats at Clemson University. Raj went on to become a graduate research assistant at Clemson as well. 

50. Gurunathan Sundaram: Southern Illinois University, MS

Despite his average CGPA in his undergraduate, the courses and projects he did as part of multiple Skill-Lync modules helped him get a funded PG admit.

What Is Skill-Lync Doing Right?

These are the factors that distinguish Skill-Lync's training from that of other engineering colleges:

  • Multiple iterations and revisions of the curriculum reflect the latest industry requirements and skillsets.
  • Students get to work on application-related projects, which gives them the edge over other undergrad students who have only theoretical knowledge.
  • Comprehensive analyses of projects as part of the courses provide students with the confidence to present their genuine work well in interviews.
  • A strong support team is ready to answer any queries to help you understand concepts or prepare for interviews.


Skill-Lync is not a magic portal where you can automatically find your dream engineering job or university on the other side; you need to put in continuous effort as well. 

Knowing the brutal truth about the top placements at Skill-Lync, if you want to follow these students, and achieve success in search of your career goals,

check out the master's certifications here. 


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