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Project on Concrete Mix Design for various grades of Concrete

M35 Grade Design mix for concrete with Fly ash Aim : To calculate the design mix ratio for M35 grade using fly ash as admixture. Introduction : Fly ash or pulverished fuel ash (pfa) is a finely divided powder thrown out as a waste material at the thermal power plants using pulverized coal for raising steam in the…

Sketch a G+1 residential plan according to Vaastu Shastra and Calculation of Loads as per IS code

Sketch a G+1 floor residential plan, according to Vaastu Shastra, and list down the names of the structural drawings required to be provided to the site for construction. PLAN  All walls are 9" or 230mm thick. All Columns are 230 x 450 mm, FLoor height is 3m(Excluding slab thickness).     AT GROUND LEVEL…

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Civil Engineering Fundamentals Module

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