6 Most In-Demand Jobs for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Engineers


Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) are capturing the attention of potential buyers as they overcome the shortcomings of traditional electric vehicles. The combustion engine complements the electric motor for added power and acceleration. This results in optimum fuel economy and lesser greenhouse emissions.

Consequently, the demand for HEVs is seeing a surge, and competent engineering professionals are finding more jobs coming their way.


6 Professionally Rewarding Jobs For HEV Engineers

Listed below are six job profiles available for hybrid electric vehicle engineers. 


1) Engineer - Battery Pack Design

This role needs you to develop battery pack related components for proprietary HEVs. You may get the chance to:

  • Analyse optimum layout and packaging for battery packs.
  • Work with the research team to suitably localise components of a battery pack.
  • Evaluate adequate manufacturing standards for battery systems.
  • Benchmark competitors for identifying and implementing innovative technologies.

Skill-Lync provides you with knowledge and actionable insights into how HEV batteries are recharged and other related engineering activities.


6 most Sought after jobs for hybrid electric vehicle engineers


2) Traction Motor Controls Engineer

This job tests your expertise in the HEV motor’s operation. The responsibilities you may be asked to discharge include -

  • Defining the architecture of the HEV traction motor.
  • Verifying and validating software for inverter control.
  • Identifying and calibrating electrical interfaces.
  • Protecting and restricting torque control and drawing state transition diagrams for control algorithms.
  • Benchmarking motor components and conducting functional tests.
  • Leveraging your knowledge of HEV power electronics, electric drivetrain, and on-board diagnostics.


3) HEV Control Algorithms System Designer

This HEV engineering job requires an understanding of control algorithms related to managing mode, power limit, state control, safety optimisation, management of torque and thermal quotients, etc. You may be required to -

  • Benchmark system components and carry out functional tests.
  • Verify and validate controls software.
  • Develop and design systems based on model while ensuring functional safety.
  • Figure out electrical interfaces to calibrate the same for generating complete system DVP.
  • Troubleshoot electronic or electrical problems.
  • Model controllers on Simulink or MATLAB.
  • Ensure that system benchmarking complies with HEV standards like AIS 102, 048 and 038.

You can apply for courses that offer guidance on simulating hybrid electric vehicles in Simulink, a skill that will be useful in this job. This knowledge will give you the confidence to configure and test designs for HEV system architecture. 


4) HEV Power Electronics AC/DC Engineer

This engineering job is related to designing and developing HEV power electronic modules like on-board chargers (AC to DC), earth leakage detector charging cables, converters (DC to DC), charging boxes, etc. Apart from this, other responsibilities may include -

  • Defining specifications for products, system architecture and application-oriented converter topology.
  • Packaging electronic components in HEV DMU after designing a functional layout compatible with manufacturing standards.
  • Conducting analytical simulations for scenarios related to worst cases, stress endurance, dissipation of power, tolerance level to select suitable power components, etc.
  • Designing power switches, power filters, bulk capacitors, gate drivers applying DFSS methodology.
  • Reviewing designs, planned tests’ outcomes and production concepts collaboratively with the product development unit.


5) HEV Gearbox Lead Engineer

This HEV job role requires you to innovate cutting-edge designs for gearboxes aligned with customer expectations. The responsibilities associated with this job may include -

  • Developing top-down designs, simulating products and launching fully-functional versions of the same within allocated budgets to measure up to reliability and performance benchmarks.
  • Aligning gearbox functions with engine specifications from the perspectives of the package, cost, quality, delivery, time, etc.
  • Meeting project goals with ODT, SOPs, PPAP, prototypes, etc., within the shortest turnaround time.
  • Leading the product engineering team for complex designs, design freeze, meeting quality stipulations and simulation in 2D and 3D.
  • Investigating design flaws and quality compromises for defining suitable rectification measures.
  • Evaluating the performance of team members and coordinating development as per the functional matrix.

If you are interested in learning how hybrid electric vehicles work, consider enrolling in the Post Graduate Program in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Analysis by Skill-Lync.


6) HEV Power Converter Design Engineer

In this job, you have to evaluate design sufficiency for power converters and offer technical inputs to power electronics Tier 1 and 2 suppliers. Your other responsibilities may include -

  • Conducting WCA analysis for assessing the performance of design of BOD and SOR converters.
  • Preparing technical reports consisting of advanced technological solutions, DFMEA review outcomes, etc.
  • Conducting benchmarking and integration of power converter components.

Various HEV courses offer insight into how a generator produces electricity in hybrid vehicles. This knowledge is an asset for efficiently executing the responsibilities of this job.



The six roles mentioned above are unique to the profile of HEV engineers. To be eligible for such jobs, you need to calibrate your skillset to become knowledgeable in the intricacies of HEV and how to solve problems more innovatively. You may gain functional experience in domains like battery testing, cell modelling, simulating parameters like ageing, voltage fluctuation, temperature variation, control engineering, battery management, etc. With the requisite knowledge, you will be more equipped to apply for roles in the firms of your choice and work steadily towards your career goal.


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