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MATLAB Projects

Project 1 - Parsing NASA thermodynamic data
AIM: To write a program in matlab to parse the NASA thermodynamic data file and then calculate t various gas species. OBJECTIVE: To write a function that extracts the 14 co-efficient and calculates the enthalpy ,entropy and s data file. Calculating the molecular weight of each species and displaying it in command window.…
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  • GIS
  • HEV
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Aim:- To study on Powertrain Blockset in MATLAB. Objective:- 1) What is the difference between mapped and dynamic model of engine, motor and generator? How can you change model type? 2) How does the model calculate miles per gallon? Which factors are considered to model fuel flow? 3) Run the HEV Reference Application with…
Aim : 1.   For EV_defaults_in file, if cargo mass is 500 kg with all other default conditions, can the vehicle travel for 45 km with FTP drive cycle? Conclude your  observations. Theory :    ADVISOR, NREL’s ADvanced VehIcle SimulatOR, is a set of model, data,…
Introduction to HEV using MATLAB & Simulink Week-3 Challenge: ADVISOR Tool   AIM: To simulate the given data and conditions for an EV using Advisor Tool in MATLAB. About ADVISOR ADVISOR, NREL’s Advanced Vehicle Simulator, is a set of model, data, and script text files for use with MATLAB and Simulink. It…
Project 1 - Loss calculation for a DC/DC converter-MATLAB Design of boost converter, and calculating the loss of different components including power switching device and deriving efficiency of boost converter. This is applicable in power supply industry, electric vehicles etc where DC-DC converter is required to boost…
Aim: Use the ADVISOR tool and simulation the following: For EV_defaults_in file, if cargo mass is 500 kg with all other default conditions, can the vehicle travel for 45 km with FTP drive cycle. Conclude your observations. In the above case, try changing the battery capacity and repeat the simulation Perform gradeability…