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Mechanical Engineer from Thapar University


Bullet Penetrating Bucket

Objective- We will be fireing a bullet into a bucket and then analysising the behaviuor of the bucket on its collision. We will be choosing different materials for the bucket and find the maximun stress, maximun deformation and the change in temperature of the bucket body. The materials we have choosen are aluminum,steel…

Universal Joint

Introduction- A universal joint is a joint or coupling connecting rigid rods whose axes are inclined to each other, and is commonly used in shafts that transmit rotary motion. It consists of a pair of hinges located close together, oriented at 90° to each other, connected by a cross shaft. Objective- In this project,…

Chip Formation

Chip Formation- When a fast moving cutting tool is moved on the surface of a metal, there is removal of the metal surface in the form of chips. These technique is ued to reduced the volume of the workpiece or provide a desired dimension to the workpiece.This is the most commoms process in the industry for metal removal.…

Worm wheel drive

Objective- We will be performing transient anslysis on Worm wheel drive on ANSYS workbench.We have a worm wheel assemblt made up of structural steel. The assemblt is then cut in two halves in order to reach the limit of acadmic version of ANSYS. Using this simulation we will be performing behaviour analysis on the worm…

Torsion and Tension Testing

Torsion Testing- It is the twisting of a specimen by keeping one end fixed. The purpose of this test is to determine behaviour of a material when twisted. Measurable values include: the modulus of elasticity in shear, yield shear strength, torsional fatigue life, ductility, ultimate shear strength, and modulus of rupture…

Railwheel and Track

Objective- The objective of this project is find the behavior of a railwheel and railwheel track on appling desired loads. We will be runnig this simulation in ANSYS Workbench. We will be doing this with two cases. In first case we will apply some bearing load and observe the behviour of the assembly, then we will multiply…

Car Crash simulation

Objective- In this project we will be crashing a car exterior chassis sheet when colliding with a wall of brick. We will be performing this simulation in ANSYS Workbench acadmic version. There are three cases on which we will be working here; changing the thickness of the car body. The mesh parameters and other behaviours…

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Introduction to Structural Analysis using ANSYS Workbench

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A brief and broad introduction to Aerospace background

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