What is the work of a mechanical engineer?

A mechanical engineer finds employment opportunities in a wide range of industries, everything from plastic molding to aerospace design and construction. Currently most industries in the mechanical domain use, to varying degrees of assimilation, various software packages, and tools. A competent mechanical engineer in the 21’st century has to be well versed in these tools. These can be anything from MATLAB, Cantera, GT-Power, SolidWorks, NX-CAD, etc.

When you draft your resume for a mechanical engineering job, you should mention within it

  • The projects that you have worked on
  • The various software packages and tools that you are proficient in

These will be the imperceptible things that will help get you employed against your competition.

After you get employed you might wonder, what is the average salary that you might be able to draw as a mechanical engineer?

This is dependent on the number of projects that you have competed under your belt and the software that you are proficient in, the average annual salary of a mechanical engineer is around 3.5 lakhs and is susceptible to change according to prevailing market conditions.

Of the 15 lakh engineering graduates who enter the workforce every year in India, only 3% of the - 2.5 Lakh students, work in the core domains or the domains in which they graduated. The sole reason for this skewed metric is a lack of industry-relevant skills.

Industry-relevant skills that our students train in during their Master’s Program in Mechanical Engineering at Skill-Lync.

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