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As we move towards an urban lifestyle, the demand for high-rise buildings is slowly increasing. According to a report by Hindustan Times, there was a 44% surge in both the launch and sale of high-rise buildings in the first quarter of 2021 in India. Consequently, there is a growing need for civil engineers who specialise in designing these high-rise buildings.

If you want to upgrade your career in this field, then opting for further education may prove to be beneficial. In this article, we'll be talking about the Skill-Lync's Post Graduate Program in High-Rise Building Design and Analysis and why you should opt for it.


About Skill-Lync's Post Graduate Program in High-Rise Building Design and Analysis

Skill-Lync's Post Graduate Program in High-Rise Building Design and Analysis is a 32-week online course that is divided into two semesters comprising 11 courses. You will learn the fundamentals of design, 2D/3D drafting, and analysis of civil structures. You will also become familiar with the different software tools used in the field, including:

  • AutoCAD
  • SAFE
  • Tekla Structural Designer
  • ComFlor
  • RFEM
  • STAAD.Pro
  • Revit

The course follows an integrated approach to design through an overview of relevant theory with best practice examples. It also includes 24 hands-on projects where you can apply your learnings to real-life case studies.

By enrolling in this course, you will get answers to different questions such as:


  • Does modelling of buildings consist of analysis and designing?
  • How to do buckling analysis manually in a building design project?
  • How to design a building in response spectrum analysis in ETABS?


What are the Features of the PG Program?

why opt for PG program in high rise building design & analysis


1. Learn at your own pace

This post graduate program is taught by industry experts through pre-recorded video classes for a better understanding of the subject. You will be able to attend the class based on your convenience and follow the lectures at your own pace. If you have any doubts or queries at any point during the course, you can ask for support via telephone or interactive video conferencing tools from anywhere in the world.


2. Project-based learning

The course focuses on project-based learning that enables you to gain practical knowledge with industry relevance. These projects not only boost your understanding of the industry but also strengthen your portfolio. This gives you an edge over your competition in the job market. Here are a few of the projects you will be undertaking during the course:

  • Calculation of concrete mix design with and without fly ash for both M35 and M50 grade concrete.
  • Sketching a G+1 residential plan according to Vaastu Shastra and calculation of basic loads.
  • Designing and drafting the layout of a residential building and preparing architectural floor plans and structural drawings.
  • Designing the 3D model of a building using AutoCAD 3D.
  • Modelling, analysis and design of an industrial steel building supporting 10ton crane capacity as per IS code using Tekla Structural Designer.


3. Industry-oriented curriculum

The curriculum is designed by experts from the industry who work in sectors that are closely aligned with high-rise building design and analysis. This ensures that you get the skill set necessary to match industry requirements while you're still completing your coursework. The post graduate program also covers the physical and load characteristics of different structures found in high-rise buildings as per the Indian Standard (IS) codes, boosting your resume.

To sum up, this course covers advanced concepts in structural engineering like multi-storeyed residential and commercial buildings, seismic analysis, wind load analysis, etc. 


Wrapping up

Online learning has become a big part of education, and Skill-Lync has emerged as a trusted platform for learning these skills. Its well-structured online courses help you gain practical knowledge from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

A Post Graduate Program in High-Rise Building Design and Analysis by Skill-Lync is comprehensive and industry-focused. The course is delivered by industry experts, who also help students with hands-on project-based experience and practical training.

The course curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the current market trends. Additionally, at the end of the course, you will receive a course completion certificate and maybe even a merit certificate if you're in the top five per cent of the course. These certifications will equip you to apply for your dream job in the industry. 


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