Top 10 TCS Technical Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced


Do you dream of working at TCS? Besides you, it is also a dream for many engineers. Getting placed at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is not a big deal. Check out the technical interview questions and answers for freshers and crack the technical interview of TCS. 

You may be scared when you hear that your next round is a technical interview. It is common for freshers to experience nervousness. Never mind, TCS recruiters ask only basic stuff, and they don't expect you to be proficient. 


top 10 interview questions & answers


Technical Round Questions Along With Best Answers

 1. Tell me about your strongest programming language?


Please think before you answer: It is a common entry question that almost every recruiter asks before other technical round questions. You have to mention a language that you are most comfortable with. The moment you mention something as your strongest programming language, you will start receiving questions about the same. So familiarize yourself with one or two languages before going for an interview. Also, there is a suggestion for you. You can learn about Python or Java because these are the two programming languages TCS uses the most.


2. What are the fundamental principles of OOPS?


In OOPS there are four basic principles.


  • The first one is encapsulation, which is used to encapsulate or hide specific details. This is important to have only what is essential in the interface. 
  • Next is abstraction: It is used to keep the outside code intact. Only the implementation details will be affected in case of any issues.
  • The third one is inheritance: It is nothing but reusing parent codes. By inheriting the parent class, you don't have to redefine child classes.
  • Then the last is polymorphism, which is needed for a uniform treatment of classes. Because when code is called during runtime, there may be a possibility of behaving differently.



3. What is the differentiating factor between interface and class in Java?

Objects can be created in class but objects cannot be created in the interface. Also, in the interface, all variables are declared as public, but in class, the user has the authority to declare whether it's public or private.


4. What is a static variable?


Static variables will retain their value in their memory even when they are out of scope. So there is no necessity to initialize again in a new scope.


5. Differentiate C from C++?


The fundamental distinction is that C is solely a procedural programming language, whereas C++ is both a procedural and an object-oriented programming language.


6. Explain pass by reference and pass by value methods?


Passing the value of a function to another variable is known as pass by value. As a result, internal modifications will not be reflected in the initial value. In the pass by reference approach, however, the real parameter is sent to the function. As a result, any modifications made in the pass by reference will be mirrored in the original value.


7. Name the different types of inheritance?


There are totally five types of inheritance. They are single, multiple, hybrid, multi-level and hierarchical inheritance.


8. What is the key differentiating factor between array and list?


They both do the same thing by storing data, but in an array, data of the same type only can be stored, whereas, in the list, different types of data could be stored.


9. What is data abstraction?


Data abstraction is sorting out the needed data or information from the whole set of data or information.


10. What is the software development life cycle?


It is nothing but the series of processes involved while developing software. It explains the different phases from scratch to the maintenance of it.

Suppose you are a mechanical engineer; you will be asked the following questions. Read ahead for mechanical interview questions.


Being a mechanical engineer, why do you want to become a software developer?

For this, the answer is quite simple, but you have to do some research about the company. 

You can say something on these lines - TCS is a consultancy company with clients from mechanical fields too. So I don't look at TCS as a software company. And I would like to pick up new challenges, and I am open to learning.


What if you were asked about coding?


If you are asked about programming or coding in your technical interview, you can tell them that you do not know the answer as of now, but soon you will learn and become an expert. This answer would give a good impression about you.


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Call To Mind

The above mentioned are some common technical interview questions asked by TCS recruiters. Prepare yourself well before appearing for a technical interview to stand out from other candidates. Always be calm during an interview. The interviewer wants to check more about your attitude than technical skills. You can also upskill yourself with Computer Science courses to boost your confidence and employability.


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