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Otto Cycle & Calculation of Air-Standard Efficiency using MATLAB

AIM : Write MATLAB code that can solve an Otto cycle and calculate the Thermal Efficiency. Governing Equations : Otto Cycle: The Otto cycle is a set of processes used by spark ignition internal combustion engines. These engines :- (0-1) Ingest a mixture of fuel and air, (1-2) Compress it, (2-3) Cause it to react, Thus…

Solving second order ODEs in MATLAB

Aim:-  To write a program that solves the following ODE which represents the equation of motion of a simple pendulum with damping. Additionally,Simulate the motion between 0-20 sec, for angular displacement=0,angular velocity=3 rad/sec at time t=0. The ordinary differential equation is `(d^2 θ)/(dt^2 )+b/m*(dθ)/dt+g/l*sin⁡θ=0`…

Optimization of Stalagmite function using Genetic Algorithm in MATLAB

Genetic Algorithm(GA)  AIM:- To optimise the stalagmite function and find the global maxima using “Genetic Algorithm”. And  explain the concept of genetic algorithm and also explain the syntax for ga in MATLAB.  Governing Equations:-   Stalagmite Function: `f(x,y)= f_(1,x)*f_(2,x)*f_(1,y)*f_(2,y)`…

Parsing NASA thermodynamic data using MATLAB

Aim : Parsing NASA Thermodynamic Data in MATLAB Data Parsing : It refers to the process of converting information represented in one form into another form to make it easier to work with. It is done by first partially analysing the data, understanding its logic & structure , then representing that structure in some…

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MATLAB for Mechanical Engineers

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