What is the Job Profile of a Business Analyst?


At the outset of rapidly increasing competition in the market, there is a need for skilled professionals who can create a favorable standing for the enterprise. A skilled business analyst is responsible for supporting business information systems and implementing them across multiple departments in the organization. They reach the crux of problems and identify opportunities for a company to provide reasonable solutions to lead the business to achieve goals.

A business analyst collaborates with other individuals to develop innovative strategies that lead to cost optimization and enhance reporting across the business. To deliver these functions, a business analyst must perform a host of duties and responsibilities discussed in the upcoming section.


what is the job role of business analyst


Duties And Responsibilities Of A Business Analyst

A business analyst conducts market analysis focusing not only on the concerned product lines but also devoting significant effort to find areas that could enhance business profitability. While working on these aspects of business development, they devote considerable time to monitoring essential data quality metrics while ensuring the data and reporting needs of the business.

Due to this prerequisite of the job, a business analyst course helps to build technology skills along with strong analytical and communication skills assisting the individual in performing their job with perfection.

Thus, to outline a brief of the job description of a business analyst, the following points shall provide a lit pathway:


  • Creating and performing in-depth business analysis, highlighting problem issues, and recognizing opportunities and solutions.
  • Performing budgeting and forecasting.
  • Building plans and projecting plan performance.
  • Building strong financial models for enhanced profitability.
  • Forming strong collaborations with users and stakeholders.
  • Understanding business requirements with the purview of stakeholders.
  • Training and providing coaching to staff members.
  • Taking cognizance of upcoming developments in the field of IT.


The job role of a business analyst is not complete with just performing financial and operational modeling. They are also expected to work on new business models developed based on sound business decisions. A business analyst is also responsible for improving internal and external business reporting functions.

To be able to deliver these functions, a business analyst must possess a strong understanding of various regulatory and reporting requirements which apply to the business entity. Moreover, they should have a rich knowledge of forecasting techniques, budgeting specifics, and financial analysis, the combined knowledge of which will determine their ultimate performance.

At the helm of these objectives, a business analyst must ultimately aim to provide deep financial insights that can serve as the pillars for the businesses' decision-making. To do this, they must also possess the skills to align capital and business resources along with allocation methods. With their ability to drive fresh initiatives towards the business, financial planning and business intelligence can be met seamlessly.


Required Job Qualifications

A business analyst's peculiar skill set to work in a dynamic business environment comes with a typical qualification. The ideal business analyst must hold a bachelor's degree in the relevant area. However, a degree in business studies, business administration, management, and information technology will prove advantageous for candidates aiming to become business analysts.

In addition, such candidates can also take up several accredited certification programs from various universities to strengthen their claim to a job in this field.


Business Analyst Skills

A combination of technical and non-technical skills will help business analysts deliver the multi-faceted job roles that they are expected to deliver. At the core of their job is to guide a business in improving its operations and process along with service and product offerings through business analysis. 

The skillset that is considered most vital to the development and job performance of a business analyst is as follows:

  • Communication with team members and stakeholders.
  • Analytical and critical thinking.
  • Performing cost-benefit analysis. 
  • Negotiation.
  • Drawing conclusions and generating reports.
  • Being able to solve problems.
  • Understanding of delegated objectives.
  • Translating objectives into goals.
  • Coordination and teamwork.


Salary Outlook

There is a greater need for business analysts in the market. Business analysts are beginning to shape that piece of the puzzle that will fit to complete the perfect picture for organizational improvement.

As per Glassdoor, business analysts are drawing an average salary of INR 7 Lakh per annum. As the degree of specialization of their job role increases, so does their pay scale.


What To Expect?

As a business analyst, you could be the crucial driver of change in your organization, working in a job role that impacts business decisions. As someone who is dedicated to their job role, you could be working towards enhancing the company's success, which in turn can bring huge rewards not only for you but also for your fellow peers in the organization. Although you will find yourself juggling deadlines and handling multiple projects, you will face no dearth of challenges. Even though the role is largely office-based, you might still find yourself touring numerous places, based on your organization's network, for various business purposes. A major portion of such travel could include engagement with internal and external stakeholders.


From small independent organizations to industries in the public and sector, there is no shortage of employers for business analysts. With the scope to work across a diverse range of sectors, employers offer varying types of employment opportunities to interested candidates.


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