What is a Data Science Course and How will it Boost my Career?


Behind the success of all firms, there must be someone who has observed the customer behaviour pattern. That person would be responsible for key decisions of that firm. What is the skill that person processed? But for sure he is a good statistician to predict outcomes. This statistician has collected data through various means, then analysed it and have triggered the firm to take action accordingly.

Today enterprises have to consolidate large data about customers to deliver the best. Traditional statistical methods were not alone sufficient. The applied statistics were combined and analysed with computational tools. This has paved the path for Data Science.

Today Data science is one of the highest-paying areas of work in this decade because the demand for data scientists far exceeds the talented individuals who offer this service. Through this article, you will learn what a data science course is and how you can boost your career by opting for it.



What is data science?

Data is a collection of facts in a computerized form. Data science is the study behind making sense of large amounts of data to help companies use that information to their advantage in the future.

Data scientists use different tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles to analyze data and find patterns that help them predict future outcomes. The job of a data scientist has a very high skill ceiling, and it requires high mental processing power. Here are some of the concepts that you need to understand before you start studying data science as a subject:

  • Statistics- Statistics are an integral part of data science, and having a strong statistical foundation is of paramount importance for a budding data scientist.
  • Machine learning-Knowledge about machine learning helps data scientists use algorithms to make tasks easier for everyone.
  • Programming- An understanding of programming languages such as Python, R, and Java is required in the data science field as they are also helpful for machine learning.
  • Databases- Data scientists need to be aware of how databases work as it will help them manage and extract the data required for their analysis.
  • Mathematics- Data scientists need to have a good understanding of linear algebra and quantitative techniques.


What is a data science course & how will it boost my career?


Why should you choose Data science? 

Here are some reasons why you should consider choosing data science as a career option:

  • New-age job- Data science is gaining relevance as the world is easing itself further into the digital age. With time, the data that humans generate daily will keep growing. The demand for more and more talented data scientists will emerge as a result. Choosing data science as a career option is a decision you will not feel apologetic about, as data science will not be losing relevance anytime soon.
  • Salary packages- Data science is a very intensive job having massive demand from firms that need help with big data. Due to the lack of capable data scientists in the job market, the average salary of a data scientist is much more than that of most other professions.
  • No need for a job hunt- As companies desperately need data scientists and the supply is so low, there is not much competition when it comes to finding jobs as there are barely any people in the field with much experience.
  • Pick your industry- As data science covers a wide variety of industries that need data to influence decisions, you have a myriad of choices for the type of industry that you think would suit you.


What will you learn?

Now that you feel that data science is a viable career option for you, you must be wondering what a data science course will teach you. Here are some data science course details from Skill-Lync that will help you understand more about the syllabus:

  • Data structures and algorithms- In our data science course, you will learn how to interpret data structures and use algorithms to analyze data from different angles and help you predict future outcomes.
  • Business fundamentals- You will also learn how the data you analyze will be helpful to a business and how you can spot trends and influence business decisions based on them.
  • Programming languages- The course will also help you become well-versed with many programming languages such as R, Python, SQL, and @Risk.
  • Probability and statistics- You will gain a piece of in-depth knowledge about how to use probability and statistics to predict the future only with the help of a string of data.
  • Social networks analytics- You will learn how to read and analyze data from social networks to gauge user behaviour and come up with business strategies that can be used to your firm's advantage.


All you need to know about data science courses


Job Opportunities


Data science is an umbrella term that encompasses both data analysis and big data. Here is a list of the job profiles that you can be eligible for as a data science student:

  • Data scientist- Data scientists use programming languages to clean and organize data and help developers create data definition, extract data, and develop strategies that can be used in the future.
  • Data analyst- Data analysts analyze data, find trends, and create predictive mathematical models in the form of graphs, charts, reports, and so on.
  • Database administrator- Database administrators ensure databases' safety and smooth working by storing and organizing data.
  • Data architect- Data architects design the blueprints of future data science projects for a company.
  • Data engineer- Data engineers build algorithms and models around the blueprints provided by the architect to provide sound data to statisticians and analysts.
  • Statisticians- Statisticians use their proficiency in statistics to determine what kind of data is required by the business and the methods to obtain that data.


boost your career with data science




Data science is a rapidly growing area in our age, and data scientists are the need of the hour. More and more businesses are realizing the need to analyze big data for future growth. Data science allows businesses to increase their revenues, provide a better customer experience, cut costs, and have a competitive edge over other businesses. We hope this article has helped you understand how a data science course can be a viable career option for you, as getting a well-paying job after such a course is a straightforward process.

Interested in establishing a career in data science? Skill-Lync offers several data science courses that can make you a data science professional in no time!



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