Top Career Options in Machine Learning


Machine learning is a vital subdiscipline of artificial intelligence and is garnering an increasing interest lately, both for breakthrough technologies and lucrative career opportunities.

Today, you can find the applications of machine learning and AI across different sectors, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, education, and healthcare. With the rising expansion of these technologies, the demand for skilled professionals also increases.


top career options in machine learning


An amazing thing about building a career in machine learning is that it promises rapid career growth and hefty compensation apart from job security and satisfaction. Let us discuss some of the most promising machine learning career options.


1. Data Scientist

One of the best career paths in machine learning, a data scientist, is a job position focused on data cleaning and modelling. Data scientists are highly skilled professionals who use analytical tools and advanced technologies to collect, store, process, analyse and interpret huge amounts of data. The job duty is to use the available data to forecast or discover useful information.

The primary job of a data scientist is to bring together voluminous data sets located in different places to extract valuable insights which can be acted upon. They are required to process data through inspection, cleaning, and modelling data to suggest actionable conclusions and help decision-making. This job also involves finding problems, working on their solutions, and collaborating with other roles in the field to derive the optimum business value.

Applying for the data scientist position demands a strong programming background and knowledge of statistics. The candidate should possess skills in Python, R, and SQL languages as they are used in machine learning. Data scientists can expect an annual pay ranging between $85,000 and $158,000 depending on their experience level and company. 


2. Computational Linguist

Machine learning technologies serve as a backbone for speech-to-text, voice recognition, and other applications people enjoy in their everyday lives. Computational linguistics enables computers to learn how to speak languages and correct the mistakes they currently make. This technology is essential in equipping computers to translate words into speech and learn speech patterns.

Natural Language Processing (NLP), or Computational linguistics, intends to impart to computers the ability to understand human language. NLP scientists or computational linguists are professionals responsible for designing and developing applications and machines that learn the speech patterns of human language. The goal is to help machines understand human language naturally.

This job requires a strong understanding of how humans use languages apart from machine learning skills and development expertise. Candidates should possess good knowledge of human languages' spelling, grammar, and syntax to develop applications that help computers acquire the skills. The average annual salary for this career is about $90,000, and you can expect to receive up to $120,000 for this job position. 


3. Machine Learning Engineer

It is one of the most promising and popular career paths in machine learning. This job position often tops the lists of the best and the most lucrative jobs. A machine learning engineer is primarily engaged in designing and developing machine learning systems and applications using ML tools and technologies.

These engineers should also do data modelling and analysis and use the results to build powerful self-learning applications. They should also run a series of tests and retests and fine-tune systems based on the results. A machine learning engineer is also responsible for conducting multiple ML experiments with the help of programming languages like R, Java, Python, C++, and others.

The career path demands good knowledge and expertise in programming, mathematics, and statistics. The candidate should be well-versed in system design, data modelling, data structures, and software architecture. Coding knowledge in Java, Python, and R is also a requirement for this job position. The average annual salary for this role is about $150,000.


4. Software Engineer/Developer

The creative minds behind computer programs, software developers and engineers with specialisation in machine learning are tasked with the creation of code supporting ML algorithms. They often create flowcharts for coders and sometimes develop the infrastructure for a computer network or specific computer functions.

Software engineers/developers design, develop, install and maintain AI and ML software solutions, prepare product documentation, diagrams, charts, layouts and create code and test it. They are also responsible for ensuring that upgrades work well and providing documentation for ongoing machine maintenance. Their job also involves strategic planning to craft an outline of how the system works with its parts and components.

This job position requires proficiency in multiple programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, R, and more. These candidates also need a good understanding of data structures, data analytics, distributed processing, computer architecture, software testing and debugging, operating systems, and memory cache. They must also possess extensive knowledge of machine learning tools, concepts, systems, and algorithms. The salary of a software engineer or developer starts at about $50,000 with an average annual pay of about $80,000 to $100,000.


5. Designer in Human-Centered Machine Learning

The machine learning field has a branch dedicated to designing ML algorithms revolving around humans. This is called human-centered machine learning. These design engineers are responsible for creating intelligent systems capable of learning the behavioral patterns and preferences of human beings. An example of such a system is YouTube's video suggestions based on an individual's history.

Creating human-centred machine learning systems eliminates the need of designing algorithms to account for every user or any human intervention. The job of a human-centered machine learning designer involves creating patterns out of available data to help machines learn user patterns and preferences. These professionals also test the solutions and take care of their maintenance and upgrades.

Like any other machine learning career path, this job position demands a strong understanding of various ML tools, concepts, and working.

The candidate should also have a good foundation in Statistics and Mathematics along with proficiency in programming languages like Java, R, and Python. The average annual salary for this role is about $97000. You can expect to be paid up to $125,000 per year in this position.


career opportunities in machine learning


Final Thoughts

These are the top five career paths in machine learning, but many other options in the domain. The ultimate career choice depends on personal preferences, skills, and specialisation.

Multiple industries today utilise machine learning applications, and the demand for professionals keeps increasing. Whatever career path you choose, machine learning is certainly a lucrative area that promises speedy growth and job satisfaction.



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