The Science & Engineering Behind Holi

                    Did you know that the festivals we celebrate today have traces of life science and mathematics? It’s true! Science and Engineering always have a unique way to express facts. Read ahead to learn more about how engineering and science can be related to Holi.

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What Is Holi And How It Is Celebrated

                With a heart full of joy and picturing water balloons that splash colours, this day remains to be a memory. Holi parties are hosted in some areas and people enjoy wearing white outfits even after knowing that they would get ruined. Also eating delicious sweets and having favourite drinks, this day has become a festival. Water guns and colour dyes are always there to fill the day with fun and laughter. There is no specific way in how Holi is celebrated. People from different regions celebrate the Holi festival in their own way.

Breaking the Mythical Facts of Holi

                  The science behind Holi is quite interesting. People who lived in ancient times have integrated their life with science and engineering. In recent times we all look at Holi as a bright day and we all want to be filled with happiness forgetting the scientific reason behind Holi. In modern days we have chemical dyes but how did people celebrate Holi with colours a century ago? How did engineering and science play a role in colour dyes and why are they used? Look at the celebration from a scientific angle to know the scientific reason behind Holi.


The Science Behind Colours


                                                  How Skill-Lync Celebrates Holi


                   Holi is usually celebrated in the month of February/March marking the onset of Spring in the Gregorian calendar. The important part of Holi is burning a pyre of wood which is called the Holika Bonfire. Don’t you think there is a coincidence of the mythical Holi with Holi science? Yes, this is a day to purify ourselves and get our physical body to be free from any allergy that has happened during the winter season. The scientific reason behind burning firewood on Holi and walking around is to kill the germs with the heat of a bonfire. The colours that ancient people used were made from natural sources like Neem, Turmeric, Mehendi, Sandalwood, Palash and to name a few. All these have a healing effect on the body and the science behind Holi is it's a ritual skincare routine. The colours enter the body through minute pores of skin thereby naturally strengthening the ions of the body. Chemists have also termed this as Chemotherapy or Colour Therapy which is a popular treatment. All these facts interlinked science and engineering with Holi.

Celebrate Holi With Us At Skill-Lync

              Water balloons, colours, water guns, etc. Have all your Holi gear ready? You surely have! But what about your career? This colourful festival, leave your career worries behind. We are here to take care of your career. Skill-Lync celebrates the Holi festival with a surprise gift for engineers. This is a day to subscribe to all our PG programs at an offer for 5 days. We love to toss a 15% off on all its courses and are providing a free internship on all PG programs. Our main idea is to add colours to the life of Engineers. Upskill with Skill-Lync’s courses and celebrate Holi with us. This is how Holi is celebrated by Skill-Lync for Engineers. So come join us at the biggest Holi party of the year!


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