Key Highlights and Learnings in a Java Programming Course

Java: The WORA (Write Once, Run anywhere) Program


Java can be found everywhere, from supercomputers to laptops, from mobile phones to gaming consoles. It is the core of the digital domain. It is so vital and indispensable that many websites and applications will not function if Java is not installed on the machine. Though developed about 20 years ago, it is still relevant as it has been constantly upgraded.

Java enables the developer to create top-level and sophisticated applications for cross-platform interactivity. Due to the availability of applications across diverse platforms, enterprises can enhance communication with the users, extend more services and collaborate easily. When talking about Java, we must understand that it has absolutely no relationship with JavaScript; they just share identical names.


Key Highlights and Learnings in a Java Programming Course


What are the key features of the Java programming language?

One of the best features of Java is that it is an all-purpose language. Hence it can be used in various environments to design some of the best applications, be it Mac, Unix, or a cell phone. Let us have a look at some of the merits and features of the Java programming language:



Java Programming Course


  • Uncomplicated and simple

Finding SQL and other programming languages a bit complicated? Go for Java. It is a learner-friendly language that allows you to make mistakes while learning, granting the users the liberty to specifically concentrate on programming rather than complex machine elements. Java has minimal magic characters and easy syntax like English, making learning and reading easier. It is object-oriented, which makes its system modular and flexible.


  • A widely-used programming language

Even though SQL, Python, and other programming languages have become popular lately, many prefer Java. Being user-friendly and easily accessible, it is used by the majority of information technology and software companies, like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix, to name a few. Besides, it is regularly updated to meet the industry's needs. 


  • Multipurpose and versatile

Highly adaptable, expansible, and most importantly highly transferable, Java is known as the ‘write once, run anywhere' language. When a Java developer writes code once, it can be moved easily to any other device, making it a preferred programming language for mobile applications and computers to game consoles and the internet. 


  • A precursor to other languages

Java being a fundamental language, learning it makes it easier to understand the basics of Python, C, C++, and so on. Java helps one develop logic and test out ideas. Hence it is commonly taught in many computer programming institutes.


  • Open-source and secure

One of the key features of the Java programming language is that it is an open-source language. There is no need to pay any charges while writing a Java application. There has been some confusion over it being a paid service; however, there are two versions, Oracle JDK and Oracle open JDK. Oracle open JDK is free and can be used by anyone, whereas Oracle JDK is paid. The absence of manual memory administration makes some security mistakes and breaches impossible, ensuring security. 


  • Boosts employability 

Want to shop, book movie tickets, or need to satisfy hunger pangs? Your smartphone has the answer. As more and more functions are shifting to smartphones, the demand for Android apps is multiplying at an incredible speed. This brings in a lot of career opportunities for Android app developers as these apps are written in Java. Java developers are highly in-demand professionals and are one of the highest-paid developers in the industry.

  • Community support

Being a widely used and mature programming language, Java has innumerable resources to learn from. Many user groups, forums, and open-source libraries work to solve your doubts about Java. 


Learnings of a Java program

So, settled down on learning Java? Though numerous institutes are offering Java programming courses, nothing matches Skill-Lync. They offer many industry-relevant engineering courses, and one of them is the most updated Java program that helps one master the latest concepts efficiently. The faculty, with their in-depth knowledge and experience, train the students to be an expert in Java. Skill-Lync has partnered with industry experts to get the best placement for its students. The core concepts that are taught in the curriculum of Java programming are: 


  • Introduction/basics of Java:

This introduction of Java at Skill-Lync covers the fundamental features of Java, for example, setting up a Java environment, understanding the Java ecosystem, running and debugging Java applications, understanding the Eclipse IDE, mastering Arrays and Strings in Java, and others.


Java: The WORA (Write Once, Run anywhere) Program


  • Object-oriented programming:

The second topic incorporated in the syllabus will enable the learners to master concepts that are key to becoming efficient Java programmers. These comprise classes and objects, access modifiers, constructors, encapsulation and abstraction, the “this” pointer, inheritance (is-a relationship), the static and final keyword, polymorphism, and so on.


  • Advanced topics in Java:

The concluding topic of Java enables the candidates to architect more elaborate programs. This constitutes various packages, multithreading, I/O networking, exception handling, file handling, etc.




Java is a popular programming language for developing apps, websites, etc. It has many salient features, a major one being the English-based codes that make it simple and easy to understand. Apart from that, Java is platform-independent and can be run on any device. These, along with security and community support, make it a much-in-demand programming language. Java programmers can lap up coveted jobs in the IT sector with hefty pay packages. 

So, get ready to take the plunge and learn Java at Skill-Lync. Their well-structured and systematic course will help you master the vital features of Java programming and give your career an edge in the highly-competitive job market.


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