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Do you know that even the video surveillance camera could be hacked with today's technology? Yes, hacking and cybersecurity threats are not confined only to big enterprises or governments. Even in our day to day life, we use some anti-virus software to protect our mobile phones and laptops from malware activities. Every sector and organisations are in need of cybersecurity professionals who can protect their data. 


cybersecurity job opportunities in india


We all know that the world has shrunk due to the advent of networking and connectivity. It has become possible for anyone to gather information from anywhere. Also, it has left some loopholes for cybercriminals to steal sensitive data, which is very dangerous. The ISC2 (International Information System Security Certification Consortium) has reported that the unfilled position for cybersecurity jobs would be tripled this year. Read ahead to get insights about the needs for a cyber professional and some high paying cybersecurity and information assurance jobs.


Need for a Cybersecurity Professional

In this competitive world, one has an infinite number of ways to build a brand. The professional or expert has to choose a method based on the available data and expertise. But when the available information is not sufficient, some people involve themselves in unethical ways to steal other's data or destroy their data. So it has become the responsibility of owners to protect their client's data from being hacked or stolen. The world after the pandemic has shown us all a new normal that shifted jobs from office to home. Different employers use different networks, which is highly hazardous for a cyber attack. So, it has been of paramount importance to protect and secure the data. The need for cybersecurity professionals has extended to many sectors, including healthcare, finance, banking, and eCommerce, to name a few. Healthcare cybersecurity is vital; a slight ignorance may put the patient's life at risk. So the role of a cybersecurity professional is inevitable, and every organisation needs cybersecurity professionals to avoid data breaches. Some common high paying cybersecurity analytics jobs are below.


Cybersecurity Engineer

The role of a cybersecurity engineer is to develop trusted systems. They perform various penetrating tests to ensure that the software is free from threats. Also, it is the role of the engineer to identify the possible threats and get rid of them. The average salary of a cybersecurity engineer in India is INR 7 LPA


Information Security Analyst

The role of an information security analyst is to analyse and set up the data security apparatus. The report generated about the security analyst is used by business executives and the firm's leadership team to predict the reality. This information will help the cyber professionals and the IT team protect the organisation's data. Also, it is the role of the Information Security Engineer to draft the cyber policy, which entails all protocols. Professionals involved in cybersecurity policy jobs must have relevant experience and expertise. Only then they could enforce a cybersecurity policy that could be a road map for the organisation's security programs. The average annual salary of an Information Security Analyst is ₹5,94,994 per year.


Network Security Engineer

As the name says, the role of a Network Security Engineer is to ensure the network's security. The network security engineer would be responsible for planning, designing and troubleshooting network security systems. The average annual salary of a Network Security Engineer is ₹ 5.8 LPA


Ethical Hackers or White Hat Hacker

These ethical hackers are potential hackers who penetrate the system with the owners' authorisation. In these cybersecurity jobs, the hackers use different methods to detect any unauthorised activities causing trouble to the system. The salary of an ethical hacker is ₹49,920 per month in India. You could become a certified ethical hacker by taking some courses about the Foundations of Cybersecurity.


high paying jobs for cybersecurity career


Data Security Analyst

The role of a data security analyst is to protect the existing data from penetration of any unauthorised users. These security analysts are responsible for any data loss during the transfer or upgradation of their existing data storage platform. In this cybersecurity analytics jobs, the experts schedule and run risk assessment test to minimise risk. The salary of a Data Security Analyst is ₹5,14,744 per year in India.


If you have completed an advanced course in Cybersecurity, you can even expand your potential. Here are some jobs after MS in Cybersecurity,

  • Cybersecurity Architect
  • Chief Security Information Officer
  • IT auditor and so on

Some Cyber Lawyers analyse and document the incidents of cybercrime. In the cybersecurity law jobs, the professional need to have strong verbal and communications skills. They use their skills to run consultancy and guide businesses about the possible cyber attacks and how to efficiently tackle them. Also, these lawyers deal with cases related to intellectual property, cyberstalking and all illegal activities that happen through the internet. 


list of cybersecurity jobs in india


Cybersecurity careers are tedious as well as stressful to some extent. To become a cyber security expert, you have to rapidly upgrade yourself as the technologies keep evolving. One of the best ways to eliminate some cyber-attacks is by combining Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity technologies. The AI technology could be used to automate certain processes like identifying and prioritising threats. By mastering the critical technologies in Cybersecurity, you could easily grab cybersecurity analytics jobs, cybersecurity law jobs or cybersecurity policy jobs.


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