Deep Dive Into Software Development


Today almost all hardware systems are derived by softwares. There is need for rapid updation of existing software and robust design for new software. Also demand for software developers have also increased. According to US beareu of Labour Statistics the demand for software engineers are expected to increase by 22% from 2020 to 2030.

Software development is a booming area. A software development course will prepare you for a career in the field and increase your employability prospects. 


Reasons Why You Should Be A Software Developer

Software engineers must constantly evolve as the tech world has evolved. To meet new market demands and to win competitors you must equip yourself with the advanced coding practices. To be wise, take up a software engineering certificate course and start ahead of others. You have lots of reason to choose a career path as software developer some of which are listed below.


  • A Fruitful Career Trajectory

The job market is expected to grow by 24% between 2016 and 2026. Because of this growth, the software development job market is also growing exponentially.


Deep Dive Into Software Development


The great thing about this field is that it allows you a lot of flexibility in your career. Once you learn software development skills, you can apply them in any industry. Software is in charge of everything. If you know your stuff and give compelling interviews showcasing your skills, you won't have to worry about finding work.


  • Several Career Opportunities

Another reason to pursue a career in software development is the field's scope, which includes a variety of roles in computer applications. This allows you to focus on the areas that interest you.

For example, some software developers build or repair computer information systems. Others use their skills to build websites or improve the security of a company's network. 


Build A Career In Software Development


  • Remote Working

You can work from home as a software developer. This means you're no longer required to relocate for work.

This has several additional advantages:

  • You don't have to waste time or money commuting.
  • You can control your working conditions and environment (your home, coworking space, or other).


  • Unmatched Salary Benefits And Perks

Software development is one of the industries where individuals can earn a lot of money as they progress from SD1 to SD2 to senior software developer roles, based on their talents. According to payscale the average of annual salary for a software developer in India is ₹517,347/ year.


  • A Creative Outlet

As you advance in your career as a software engineer, you will get more autonomy and decision-making authority. This permits SWEs to use their imagination to develop unique technology solutions that will help them achieve engineering excellence.

These factors make software development a lucrative career opportunity for people interested in computer sciences. You can take up several computer science engineering courses to become a successful software developer.


Courses Provided By Skill-Lync On Software Development


PG Certification Program in Full Stack Web Development

This is an 8-month program for people who want to make a career in web development. Along with designing a web page from scratch using HTML-5, you will also be introduced to CSS, providing you with hands-on experience. The best part about this course is that you do not require any prior coding experience. The course aims at giving you a fair understanding of AJAX, JSON, and other data transfer principles. You will also learn the basics of how to build an e-commerce site.

Once you complete this course, you will get a Post graduation degree in Full Stack Web Development which will open the doors to a plethora of career opportunities. The best part about the course is that apart from teaching you the art of developing websites, it will also cover Object-Oriented Programming, Collection and Generics, and all the new features of Java 8.


The Complete Front-End Development

This front-end web development course by Skill-Lync covers building websites and different programming languages like HTML5, Bootstrap, Java, etc.

The front-end aspect of the website is the part that is visible to the user. It is the interface with which the user interacts. The course will cover the basics of web applications and how the webpage is structured from scratch. You will also learn several techniques for designing a better UI. With just Rs. 15,000, you will get lifetime access to all the course material. You will also get a chance to work on two projects to get hands-on experience in front-end development. Apart from basic Java programming, you will also be taught how to perform jQuery in the JavaScript library. The course will brief you on the Bootstrap framework and give you a holistic understanding of web development.


Introduction to Java Programming

This short course by Skill-Lync covers the basics and the advanced aspects of Java programming. You will also get hands-on experience in coding, which can be used in designing programs and websites. Here, no prior coding experience is required, and you can learn how a code is written from scratch.

You will get lifetime access to all the course material for just Rs. 7000. The course will cover the features of Java programming along with other aspects of the subject. You will be introduced to concepts like Garbage collection in Java. The course will also cover topics like exception handling.

Data Structures and Algorithms using Python

This is a 3-month course. It will cover all the information you must know about data structures and algorithms. The course will take you through abstract data types and all kinds of data structures. Different kinds of arrays will be covered during the course duration, along with the working of stacks and queues. Binary trees, heaps, etc., also form an essential part of the course. The course is offered at just Rs. 15,000 with lifetime access.


The software development courses provided by Skill-Lync cover both the basics as well as the advanced topics of software development. As a software developer all you need is just to tailor the existing codes to provide the best user experience which is simple but requires creativity. Be one among the community of creative thinkers and drive the hardware systems with your coding skills.


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