Robotics ! Yup Robotics it is !!!

In this playbook we have been speaking about different fields of Mechanical Engineering, the jobs available in these fields and the best universities you should aim for. 

Robotics is one of the relatively new fields that is growing at a rapid pace. The interdisciplinary nature of this field demands strong knowledge in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering by default. 

P.S. – I decided to do this as a video blog to help you guys visualize what’s going on in this field !

If you are Mechanical Engineer and want to specialize in Robotics here are the fields you should be concentrating upon,

Mechanics, Dynamics, Kinematics and Controls.

What are the hot fields in Robotics:

While there has been at least 3 decades of research going in this field, there has been certain sub domains that have accelerated a product to the market in the recent past.


2016 was a great year for Humanoids like ‘Atlas’ developed by Boston Dynamics. Humanoids in the future will see application in Defense, Personal Assistance and Factory systems. Here is a look at Atlas from Boston Dynamics.


3mm Robots. Yes you read it right. Those are so small, that it could enter our body and check for cancerous cells and detect them. Neat, isn’t it. Well take a look at the videos, you will be amazed !

Swarm Robotics:

Now that you saw about nano robots, think about putting hundreds of nano robots to form a swarm. Just like swarm of insects, these robots are autonomous, and extremely powerful.

Artificial Intelligent – Personal Robots

Well how can all these robots work if they can understand human emotions and help us. Well looks like people are working in it. Hear from Cynthia Breazeal from MIT about their research on Personal Robots.

Logistics Robots:

Ever wondered how amazon fulfills all its delivery promise? They say thanks to these mini logistics bots from Kiva.

Factory Robots:

How can we finish without speaking about robots used in the factories? The most usage of robots is in factory shop floors. And who else can we pick to show you the best factory robots, than TESLA.

Well above are some of the very obvious fields in which robotics have been playing a significant role. These fields will change the way we interact with the world in the future.

Jobs are widespread in the field of robotics, certain areas you can think of are – Agriculture, Bio technology, Space robotics, Underwater robotics, Search & Rescue, and Rehabilitation.

Now that we know the fields in robotics, in our next post we will be looking at some of the best universities to pursue specialization in Robotics, till then – See ya.


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