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RTOS concepts in context of FreeRTOS

This webinar will introduce you to FreeRTOS, an important approach to the system design to handle complex embedded systems. After this session, you should be able to understand the micro os functionalities and important terms such as tasks, mutex, and semaphore.

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Who can attend this workshop?

For Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Workshop date & time : 09 Apr 2021 03:00 pm IST

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Agenda of the webinar:

  • To provide a basic understanding of multitasking systems that incorporates the operating system for this purpose.

Learning outcomes of the webinar:

  • Basic understanding of system design using FreeRTOS.

About the instructor:

  • Has over 6 yrs of experience in embedded systems with companies like Larsen and Toubro Bangalore, John Deere Pune, and Toyota Japan. Currently working in the automotive domain for Mercedes next class projection headlamps. Enjoy making things and solutions with creative engineering techniques. Some of my work can be found on my website www.armofthings.com