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R programming for Data Science

The webinar will walk through the concepts of R programming and how it is used to analyze data and visualize it, and by learning R what are the job opportunities available in the industry for this technology.

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Who can attend this workshop?

For Computer Science Engineer

Domain : CSE

Whorkshop date & time : 27 Feb 2021 05:00 pm IST

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Agenda of the webinar:
                               Introduction to R Programming
                               History of R and fundamentals
                               Why R Programming for Data Science
                               Demo of R programming
                               Job Opportunities & Career Path

Learning outcomes of the webinar:
                               To understand the basics of R programming.
                               To be familiar with R fundamentals
                               To know how to use R programming for Data Analysis & Visualization


About the instructor:
                                  Our instructor has over 7 years of experience in the industry of Advanced Analytics and Data Science and has worked on projects in multiple domains. She is a master's graduate from IIT Bombay.