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Introduction NodeJS: A Beginners RoadMap

In today's webinar, the instructor will be walking through the concepts of NodeJS and its Architecture

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Who can attend this workshop?

For Computer Science Students

Domain : CSE

Workshop date & time : 05 May 2021 04:00 pm IST

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Agenda for the Webinar:

  • What is Node.js
  • Often used to build back-end services
  • What is so special about Node.js?
  • Why Node.js?
  • Node App
  • Other reasons for using Node.js
  • Node Architecture
  • JavaScript-Runtime environment
  • How Node.js works?
  • Installing Node.js

Learning Outcomes of the Webinar:

  • Understand the What is Node.js?
  • Understand the concepts of Node App and Node Architecture
  • Get to know How Node.js works?
  • To know what is the installation process followed in NodeJS

About the Instructor:

  • Working as a Full-stack developer. Implemented quality Web-Based application. Follow the industry's best practices and adhered to and implemented processes, which enhanced the quality of technical delivery. Pledge to deliver the best technical solutions to the industry.