CFD- An innovative way to solve flow problems using computers

In this webinar, our instructor will take you through the complete overview of the CFD- An innovative way to solve flow problems using computers.

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Who can attend this workshop?

For Mechanical Engineers

Domain : CFD

Workshop date & time : 17 Jan 2022 06:00 pm IST

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Webinar agenda :

  • The agenda of the webinar is to introduce a Graduate/Post Graduate with the method of CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics, and introduce how CFD is a tool that can be used in industries to ease up the product development process. It gives an insight into the method of CFD, industrial applications and career opportunities.

Webinar outcome :

  • The participant is expected to understand what CFD is and its relevance in industries and the career of the participant. He/She shall be able to explore more into the CFD, software available, kind of simulations that can be done and explore various careers that can be opted.

About the speaker :

  • Roopesh Kaimal completed Post Graduate in Mechanical Engineering and has 8+ years of experience in CFD analysis, working on system-level and component-level analysis. For 3+ years, he has been working with Stelantis, working in the automotive domain. He has experience in working with CHT, multiphase, aero and thermal simulations. I have worked in multiple CFD codes including commercial and non-commercial software, during my experience with CFD.