Mohammad Anas Imam
Mohammad Anas Imam Khan

Automotive Enthusiast

Study of Aerodynamic Flow Processes Around The Ahmed Body and Validation Against Experimental Data For a 35 Base Slant


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Surface Cleanup Wind-Tunnel Setup and CFD Simulation of a Formula-SAE Car Running Over Two Different Tracks
Mohammad Anas Imam updated on Jul 15, 2019, 12:35pm IST
The objective of this project is to perform surface cleanup, boundary flagging, virtual wind tunnel setup, pre-processing, CFD simulation and post-processing of a Formula - SAE Car below, the .STL of which was provided. The project has been divided into two phases: Surface Cleanup, Boundary Flagging and Virtual Wind Tunnel… Read more
Channel Flow Simulation Using Converge CFD
Mohammad Anas Imam updated on Jun 25, 2019, 10:36am IST
A channel flow simulation was done using Converge CFD Software for three different mesh sizes: 2e-4m, 1.5e-4m and 1.2e-4m respectively. The steps involved in setting up the case are mentioned below. Case Setup 1) A geometry for the channel is created 2) The necessary boundary conditions are defined. 3)The necessary steps… Read more
Altair- Simple Car Model with Varied Elevated Roads
Mohammad Anas Imam updated on Jun 24, 2019, 09:40pm IST
The objective of this challenge is to design a simple car model in Altair Hyperworks that will have a steering wheel, suspension springs, damper, body and wheels. This car will be used to run on a road that will be modelled with the vehicle using 3-D contacts. Each of the parts will be modelled as a separate subsystem.… Read more


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