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A Quick Overview

Skill-Lync is an engineering e-learning platform based in Chennai. The brainchild of two engineers, we are at the forefront of re-shaping engineering education in India.

In the winter of 2019, we became the 1st start-up from Chennai to be funded by Y-Combinator. Today, close to 10000+ students from over 58 countries study at Skill-Lync. Over three years we have helped 280 engineers achieve their dream careers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1Who are the instructors and what is the learning process?

Our instructors are industry experts working in Fortune 500 companies. We partner with them to deliver the lectures online. You will be given access to recorded content and assignments each week.

2Are there any prerequisites for this course?

You should be pursuing or have graduated with a B.E/B.Tech in Mechanical or Automotive or Aerospace Engineering. You should have ideally completed at least 3 semesters if you are a student.

3What kind of support I can expect? What if I have doubts?

Our support system is amazing!. You can read our reviews on Google to see this. We focus on one-on-one support which no one else does. We will communicate with you through videoconferencing, WhatsApp messages/calls, individual online sessions and also in person. Doubts and queries are addressed by a dedicated support engineer who is assigned to you to walk you through your problem areas and clarify any queries that you may have.

4How is this different from what I learnt in college?

Our courses are crafted after consultation with industry experts. This gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learned only as theory and work on projects that will give you a leg up in your career aspirations - be it an MS admit, a new job or growth within your organization. This course will help you bridge the gap between academia and industry and get you market-ready.

5What advantages will I gain by taking this course?

You will have an edge over your peers by working extensively on industry-relevant projects, practice on tools and software that will set you apart and help you in getting ahead of the competition. Our course will strengthen your portfolio to get better grants and scholarship opportunities for MS Admits, explore options in Research & Development, and land that much-coveted job in top core companies. 

6Do I get access to the SOLIDWORKS software?

No, Skill-Lync will not be able to provide access to this software.

7Are there any practice files for this course?

Practice files are available in a neutral file format and can be downloaded from the respective course videos.