Surface modelling of Sunseeker Predator Yacht Using Solidworks

In this project, you will learn how to model a Sunseeker Predator Yacht in SOLIDWORKS. Here you will learn Part, Surface and Assembly workbenches of Solidworks from scratch. At the end of this project you will gain hands-on experience in modeling a complex design like that of the Sunseeker Predator Yacht and will get an overall idea on how the Computer Aided Design software works.

  • Pre-requisites : Basics of Solidworks GUI
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What will you do in this project?

In this project, you will be modelling Predator Yacht. You will do the following in this project,

  • Learn how to setup Blueprints in Solidworks
  • Understand some advanced sketching tools related to creating the Advance Curves and Projected curves, 
  • Implement various Surface design tools and gain insight with importance of surface continuities in design.
  • Learn the very handy tool in surface modelling i.e. Surface Knitting concept to convert surfaces into solids. 
  • Assembly creation using some assembly features in Assembly workbench. 

  • Surface Modelling workbench in Solidworks
  • Understanding different advanced Sketching Tools to create complex curves
  • Various surface creation methods with insight to surface continuities.
  • Advanced Solid modelling tools in Solidworks workbench
  • How to create Mates and body constraints/relations inside Assembly module of Solidworks

Project Highlights

The project is a Moderate level project
  • This project is great for undergraduate students (4th year), M.Tech or MS students.
  • If you are a working professional, this project will be helpful to learn the Advanced Solid Modelling tools.
  • For newbies this will be entry gate to the Product Design Domain.
  • Getting hands on experience with Surface modelling tools.
  • Must be aware of basic introduction to Solidworks GUI
  • Anyone with interest in Product Design and Development can take this course. 
Mastering the Tools
  • Working on Advanced Sketching tools to create the Complex Curves and geometries.
  • Learn the Surface-Part Modelling in Solidworks.
  • Gain idea about how to create the Surfaces from curves created.
  • Importing and creating mates with assembly tools in Assembly Module of Solidworks. 
  • Post process the models to display it with correct appearances for better aesthetics. 

Surface modelling of Sunseeker Predator Yacht Using Solidworks

In this project you will be learning about Surfacing Workbench in Solidworks software. Also you will be working on  modelling the 10 different parts of a Yacht. The  guidelines will be given to model the parts of Yacht. The clear idea will be taught on how to setup the blueprints to model huge parts. In this project you will gain the knowledge about different types of Surfaces creation tools. The various modules of Solidworks that will be covered throughout the course are: Advanced Part Sketching Tools, Solid Modelling, Advanced Surface Modelling, Basic Assembly modules.

  • Learn the advanced sketching tools
  • Learn the advanced surface modelling tools
  • Learn about creating solid bodies using Surfaces. The importance of Surface knitting feature.
  • Understand about some advanced Solid modelling tools.
  • Understanding about assembly tools.


Frequently Asked Questions

1How is this project going to help me?

SKILL-LYNC projects are mapped closely with what industry expects. When you work on a SKILL-LYNC project and publish it in your profile, recruiters are automatically notified about your profile.  Your project submissions are graded so that students can get critical feedback on your work

2Can I add this project in my resume?

You bet!

3What are the pre-requisites for this project?

  • A few premium projects might require a prior understanding of fundamental concepts
  • In such a case, you will be given access to appropriate learning materials to first learn those concepts before jumping to the project

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