Class A surfacing of an SUV using Autodesk ALIAS

Class A surfacing of an SUV using Autodesk ALIAS

A course which takes a student through the initial ideation phase for the design of a passenger car, in this case, an SUV using Autodesk ALIAS

  • Domain : MECHANICAL
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A Quick Overview

The program “Class A surfacing of an SUV” is designed in such a way that it states the current scenario, the trend adopted by the automotive industry, and also explains the difference between how the industry used to function in the past and how it functions now. The course will take you through the entire work cycle of how the industry works.

In the initial weeks, we will cover the basic aspects of the industry on how to perform market research, learn the trend and target the users. The upcoming weeks will be based on the designing process of an SUV.  It starts from scratch by explaining manual sketching,  Sketching of both Exterior and Interior components, and also checking the details of smaller components.

Further, the course will deal with digital sketching by keeping up with the current market trend. Here you will be introduced to software like Sketchbook and Photoshop. It begins by explaining shading and basic reflections in digital sketching.  Here too, you will get to sketch the exterior, interior, and smaller components using digital sketching and render the sketches.  

The next week deals with the modeling approaches currently used in the industry. It explains the types of modeling and helps to identify the type based on the current trend. Further, there will be demonstrations of software used for modeling. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to review the SUV design and run market surveys to understand the requirements and advertise the product 


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  • Introduction to the vast automotive industry
  • Different departments with their functions
  • The Road to Engineering
  • The beginning of it all- Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Automotive Design
  • Design Department
  • Design Teams
  • Design Development Cycle
  • Introduction to the Project



  • Design Research
  • Market Surveys
  • Design Brief- Idea
  • Research- Market & Desk
  • Terminology- Demand, Trend, Technologies, Future
  • Package and proportions
  • Target User
  • Design Brief- Finalisation



  • Design- Exterior Design
  • Design- Interior Design
  • Design Execution
  • Design Board- Mood & Inspiration Board
  • Proportions
  • Ergonomics
  • Sketch Classification
  • Ideation
  • Exploratory
  • Exterior Sketching
  • Interior Sketching
  • Direction Finalisation



  • Shading & Basic Reflections
  • Introduction to Sketchbook
  • Digital Sketching
  • Sketchbook Basics
  • Digital Sketching
  • Render Finalisation
  • Poster Presentation



  • Introduction to Modelling
  • Types of Modelling
  • Modelling Mediums
  • Modelling Approaches
  • Making Volume- Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Maya to Autodesk Alias
  • Autodesk Alias- Introduction & Basics
  • Design Finalisation



  • Design Visualizer
  • Rendered- Material Showcase- Exterior
  • Rendered- Material Showcase- Interior
  • Design Reviews & Market surveys
  • Design Phase: END


Projects Overview

Final sketches for the vehicle


  • Based on Design Brief- Start Sketching Process- Ideation & exploration sketches for both exterior & Interior
  • Finalize the Exterior & Interior Direction & sketches

Rendering the vehicle


  • Create the entire renders for exterior & interior based on the learning from the tutorials
  • Create a poster presentation, showing the entire design process.

Alias Model Creation


You can choose to do it just like the video tutorials or do it with the first approach & use your sketches in proper technical dimension and then create surfaces over it.


  • Create the entire volume of Exterior, following the exact same procedure. For your design you can use the same scan, stick to the overall surfaces & surface proportions & once the volume is complete, change the surfaces according to your sketches & desirability.


  • Focus on the components, build relations with each part one after the other, complete the entire interior.


  • Basic Formal education and having a diploma and/or a bachelor's degree will have an added advantage when you will be looking for building a career at the reputed firm.


Autodesk Sketchbook & Autodesk Alias

Autodesk Sketchbook- Sketchbook is a digital book with pages that you can use for sketching. It is usually used by artists for digital art. And its an alternative to Adobe photoshop just without the image editing tools. 

Autodesk Alias- Autodesk Alias is a surface designing software used worldwide. It offers a wide range of sketching, modelling, surfacing, and visualization tools to boost our creative side.  Its use varies on the project from concept stage to production-ready Class-A surfaces.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1Who can take your course?

  • Our course is to anyone with a passion for the automotive industry. So basically, if you are fascinated by the idea of developing something with your creative design ideas and then to build and watch that imagination come to life in the real world. This is specially for you. 
  • Basic Formal education and having a diploma and/or a bachelor's degree will have an added advantage when you will be looking for building a career at the reputed firm.      

2What is included in your course?

This course has been packed with all the learning and Experiences based on the industry phases. This is required to teach you from fundamentals to advance level. You will learn the basics of research, the advance sketching followed by digital tools and advanced rendering, With the prospect of Visualisations. The course takes you from all the aspects of design, and an up-to-date knowledge of what Automotive industry is today.

3What will the student gain from your course?

There is nothing to lose, and so much to learn. The possibilities don’t stop to a single occupation. The options are too many and opportunities are endless regardless of which industry you choose to work for. Whether it is automotive, industrial, Product etc. As when you start working in Automotive Design Field, there are lot of levels for you be a designer, a Physical or a digital modeller. You are the ones who are top of the Design chain and first ones to start the Development Phase.

4What skills are you teaching and how well are these tools used in the industry?

  • For anyone who would start, the skills will vary from basics to foundational, From conceptual Stage to Production Stage. In a simple term, not only it gives you a method to put your idea in front of others. It helps you solve problems by this medium too.
  • And these practises are widely used not only in the automotive industry, any industry which needs a better idea to solve a problem.

5What is the real world application for the tools and techniques will you teach in this course?

The Tools and techniques you will be learn is the first step of any design project. It will become the foundation of any Design Process. With this approach you can work for any industry, namely Automotive, Marine, Products and more. The end result of it all, is the product comes to real life. 

6Which companies use these techniques and for what?

Any Automotive OEM, Companies namely Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai and so on, have their dedicated design studios, and service providers across the globe. Still, if you are not satisfied. A normal vendor who needs a new product for their line-up also use these same techniques. As using these techniques actually clarifies the end result and helps to make that idea a better reality.

7How is your course going to help me in my path to MS or PhD?

This Course has all the learnings that is sufficient for the learning you are hoping for, but it’s just a starting phase, there is much more to learn if you want too. Just like any other program that you do. If you want to go for masters, you know all the basics and fundamentals so you put more focus on what requires more attention.

8How is this course going to help me get a job?

This Course is designed in such a way, that it actually opens up a lot of Opportunities Door for this current career path for you. The demand for Designers. I will not namely say automobile designer but yes, the need for them is increasing at a rapid speed. Most of the automakers and automotive OEM manufacturers has turned their faces towards countries like India and China. Hence there is a great need for car designers in India, more so the career opportunities that you have are more compared to any other course. You can be a car, bike, yacht, mobility system designer and even more. So at the end it is on your interest to choose the field appropriately in which you can flourish.


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  • Top 5% of the class will get a merit certificate
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  • Build a professional portfolio
  • Automatically link your technical projects
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