Thermodynamic analysis of a commercial application tractor engine

Thermodynamic analysis of a commercial application tractor engine

In this project you will be using the GT-Power tool to apply the CI engine calibration methodologies to help aid the cause by targetting crucial diesel engine parameters like BSFC, Equivalence ratio,Injection pressures, and Combustion model parameters for a turbocharged system with and without a EGR assembly

  • Pre-requisites : B.E Mechanical/Automotive/Aerospace with Basics of Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and IC Engine Concepts
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CI Engine Modelling

You will do the following in this project : 

  • Choose a predictive CI Engine Model and calibrate it for a trade-off between fuel consumption and emission.
  • Tune the appropriate engine performance variables in different subsystems.
  • Set up two different case setups for applications with/without an external EGR assembly and run it for rated and intermediate speeds.
  • Post process the results in GT-POST to analyse the different engine operating variables.

  • 1-D model selection
  • Setting up computational models
  • Engine performance tuning
  • Post-processing in GT-POST

Project Highlights

Project difficulty - Intermediate
  • This project is great for undergraduate students (4th year), M.Tech or MS students.
  • If you are a working professional, this project will be helpful to learn calibration technologies for I.C Engine Modelling.


  • Need basic background on IC Engine Fundamentals.
  • Need basic background in CFD and flow phenomenon.
Work with Multiple Tools

  • Working on GT-POWER for 1-D thermodynamic simulations.
  • Post process the results using GT-POST.
  • Use of MS - WORD or GOOGLE DOC to create a report.

Thermodynamic analysis of a tractor engine

In this project, you will be setting up the case for a tractor engine by calibrating the computational models such as Heat transfer - WoschniGT , Combustion - DI Pulse , Emissions - NOx - Zeldovich / Extended Zeldovich models etc. You will also be learning other systems such as the injectors and turbochargers with and without an external high pressure EGR circuit to perform thermodynamic studies on important engine operating variables to draw out the trade-offs between Fuel consumption and Emission characteristics. 

  • Setting up the 1-D Modelling Interface
  • Calibration of parameters for diesel engine technology
  • Setting up case for applications with and without an EGR assembly
  • Post processing and Inference of simulation results


Frequently Asked Questions

1How is this project going to help me?

SKILL-LYNC projects are mapped closely with what industry expects. When you work on a SKILL-LYNC project and publish it in your profile, recruiters are automatically notified about your profile.  Your project submissions are graded so that students can get critical feedback on your work

2Can I add this project in my resume?

You bet!

3What are the pre-requisites for this project?

  • A few premium projects might require a prior understanding of fundamental concepts
  • In such a case, you will be given access to appropriate learning materials to first learn those concepts before jumping to the project

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