Master's Certification Program in Software Development

Domain : Data Structures

Pre-requisites : Computer Science, IT

A Quick Overview

Program Outcomes

The Masters' certification program in Software Development is a full-fledged online program designed for Computer Science Students. This program consists of 7 courses that are mapped to specific job functions that one can typically apply for after this program. Here is the list of courses that are included in this program. This program starts in August 2020.

  • Data-structure and algorithms bootcamp
  • Introduction to Python and Java programming
  • Design Patterns for building scalable applications
  • Introduction to advanced database design
  • Fundamentals of web applications
  • Introduction to system design and architecture
  • Version control and test-driven Development
This is a job guaranteed program. 

  • Finish 100% of the videos and assignments in 6 months
  • Your average score on all the assignments and projects should be 80% (minimum)
  • You must participate in all hackathons, tool tests, and mock interviews
  • You must attend the interviews that we apply for, on your behalf
  • Though it happens, we do not guarantee multiple jobs - just one.
  • A job guarantee is offered to the first 100 students. Minimum undergrad GPA/percentage should be 6.0 or 60
  • Expected CTC after the program completion can range between 2.5 to 6LPA. For experienced professionals, you can expect a hike between 10-45%

Program Timeline

Program Timeline

The entire program is split into two phases. During the first semester, you will be taking mandatory courses common for all students. These courses are fundamental for anyone who wishes to pursue their career in the domain of software development. The program starts in August 2020. 

Phase 1

  • Data-structures and algorithms Bootcamp
  • Introduction to Python and Java programming
  • Design patterns for building scalable applications
  • Introduction to advanced database design

Phase 2

  • Fundamentals of web applications
  • Introduction to system design and architecture
  • Version control and test-driven development

Additional Courses

In addition to the above courses, you will have the option of selecting elective courses. If you have already registered for the program then there is no additional charge for the new electives.


Job assistance is automatically enabled for students who complete a minimum of 3 courses. Completion is defined by video watch time(90%), challenge completion (80%), and maintaining a good technical profile in SKILL-LYNC.

Course Instructors

Courses are created by Instructors working in top tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Cisco. In addition to lectures, you will also attend technical webinars by Founders of top Y-Combinator startups.



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Program Features

  • Datastructure and Algorithms bootcamp

    Solve 100+ fundamental programming problems

  • Introduction to Python and Java Programming

    Learn fundamental programming skills and best practices.

  • Design Patterns for scalable applications

    Learn how modern applications are designed and built

  • Introduction to Advanced Database design

    Learn PSQL concepts that you should know.

  • Fundamentals of Modern Web Applications

    Learn technologies that drive modern web-applications

  • Version control and Test Driven Development

    Learn how to write test cases to make your application robust

  • Mock Interviews

    Attend a suite of technical and behavioural tests conducted by our in-house teams.

  • Job Guarantee

    Finish the course. Get a job. Only for the first 100 students.

  • Tool-tests

    Prepare for interview by taking flash tests with recent questions


Any computer science student knows the Data-Structures and Algorithms are the building blocks of any well-designed piece of software. Students generally are very good at understanding the textbook definitions of Stack, Heap, or Linked-lists. However, when you put them in practice, that is when you start seeing gaps in the student's understanding. By learning this first module from SKILL-LYNC, we will

  • Help you clock in 300+ hours of coding for a wide range of problems
  • Teach you how scalable web/desktop applications are built
  • Expose you to what top tech companies expect from developers
These are core programming languages that are driving a lot of powerful websites that you use on a day to day basis. A quick overview of these languages is important because
  • In interviews, you will be given a coding test
  • During tech interviews (in tech companies), you need to demonstrate different programming concepts such as tuples, dictionaries, containers, and etc
  • While learning Data structures and Algorithms you will be writing a whole lot of computer programs in either Java or Python
Choosing a particular tech-stack or tool-chain depends on what tasks your application is going to perform under what circumstances. However, from a software point of view, a well-designed piece of software helps with re-usability and maintainability which helps in quick development across multiple developers. Through this course, you will learn

  • Common patterns such as Creational patterns, Structural patterns, and Behavioral patterns
  • How Design patterns help in producing a Testable and maintainable codebase

Any social media applications that you use on a daily basis get several million requests from users like you. The requests could either fetch your photos or edit your status message. You could also be buying a product of an e-commerce website during a festive season. In both of these scenarios, you generally do not face any hurdles and instead your browsing/shopping experience is smooth. This means that the application's Back-end database has been designed to handle such a crazy amount of requests. In this module, you will learn

  • How to setup and configure PSQL? - Production Quality Database
  • How the Databases are set up in Hexa-scale applications?

As you might know, any modern site has a Front-end that you interact with and a Back-end that processes information behind the scenes. In this module, you will learn

  • State of modern web application development from expert webinars
  • Fundamentals: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and Jquery
  • Modern Javascript frameworks: Vue and Ember
  • Python-based framework - Django

Version control using GIT or SVN is a must when you have a global team working on a large application. The same can be said about testing. Automated testing is crazy important when developing maintainable applications. Through this module, you will learn

  • GIT
  • Automated testing for web applications


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Total Course Fee Is Rs.2,75,000/-

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OPEN Skill-Lync mainly focuses on how to strengthen your fundamentals as well as how to apply them in industry-relevant projects. The coursework is designed by professional Mechanical Engineers who know exactly what you need. CLOSE

Shrey Shah

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OPEN Thanks a lot, Skill-Lync for your constant support and guidance and also giving me such an amazing platform to explore new things in my field. CLOSE

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OPEN Excellent institute in providing quality industry oriented courses. Highly reliable! CLOSE

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OPEN Courses offered at Skill-Lync are industry-oriented, which helped me gain more practical knowledge. The support team was quick enough to clear all my doubts. Tool Tests & Mock interviews conducted by the Career Success team helped me face the real interviews with ease. CLOSE


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OPEN I have been in touch with Skill-Lync for the past 1 year. I was made to attend interviews with several top core companies. And then I managed to grab two offers, one from SATVEN & another one from Easi. Thank you Skill-Lync. CLOSE

Adarsh BL

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  • Top 5% of the class will get a merit certificate
  • Course completion certificates will be provided to all students
  • Build a professional portfolio
  • Automatically link your technical projects
  • E-verified profile that can be shared on LinkedIn
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Students who are currently pursuing their B.Tech/B.E/M.E/M.Tech in CSE, IT, ECE, EEE, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering can apply. If you are from a non-CSE or a non-IT background then the Job Guarantee does not apply but job assistance is included. Job Guarantee does not apply to working professionals.

SKILL-LYNC has built a unique curriculum by consulting with top developers from several organizations. We have also analyzed 1000s of job descriptions and interview questions to make sure that the curriculum provides you the skills that industries are looking for.

Starting from consultancy services to top Y-Combinator startups

Expected CTC after the program completion can range between 2.5 to 6LPA. For experienced professionals, you can expect a hike between 10-45%

The Skill-Lync Advantage

  • Industry Relevant Skills

    Learn industry-relevant skills from technical experts

  • Job Leading Courses

    All of our courses are mapped to specific job functions in the market

  • Project Based Learning

    Work on projects, publish to your profile and get hired in top companies

  • Vested in your Success

    In the past 12 months, we have placed 200+ students, helped students get over USD 500,000 in scholarships

  • Dedicated Technical Support

    Get access to highly-dedicated technical and customer support teams

  • Continual Learning

    Once you are part of Skill-Lync, you can keep learning relevant skills through LIVE webinars and workshops