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Introduction to HEV using MATLAB & Simulink

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Domain : Mechanical, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics Engineers

Pre-requisites : Basic knowledge of MATLAB/Simulink


A Quick Overview

The design and development of automobiles is not carried in a single day. The present automobiles that are on roads are a culmination of several departments coming together.
HEV or a Hybrid Electric Vehicle has the power trains of both the internal combustion engine propulsion system and the electric motor propulsion system. The Hybrid Electric Vehicle can play an important part by realizing the future and immediate improvement through conventional technologies.
The course contents are focused on technical fundamentals of electrical machines, power electronics, control theory and embedded systems applied to electric powertrain. A quick review of theories and first step towards simulating vehicle power systems also discussed in the course.
MATLAB simulation platform is chosen for this course because it is widely accepted by designers and manufacturing companies. Most automotive companies and electric powertrain R&D organizations use the tools and techniques stated in the course. You can enhance your knowledge on analysis and simulation of motor drive systems for electric vehicles after completing this course.