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Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems & Autosar

Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems & Autosar

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A Quick Overview

The Electrical & Electronic complexity with automotive systems is increasing day by day. In a modern day car, there are 100’s of Electronic Control Units (ECU) & each of these ECU’s may have different types of control algorithm of varying complexity level. There is a great deal of danger to keep updating the same functionality when we move from one kind of hardware to another. It is important for control functions to be developed & executed independent of target hardware. To achieve this, we adopt Autosar based Software Development Architecture where generic software architecture is generic, compatible & can be used across multiple OEMs.

In this course, we shall cover about different automotive domains like Powertrain Control, Body Control Module, and ADAS etc. This will be followed by basics of Model based Development, guidelines in developing compatible model based development models, followed by testing theories & techniques.

Once the base is covered about different domains & Model Based Development Techniques, we shall start with basics of Autosar, different Autosar Layers & their functionalities. This will be followed by Developing Autosar based MATLAB Control Models which can be converted into Autosar compliant C – code.


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1 Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems

Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems

Basic overview on different domains in Automotive Systems

2Overview on Automotive Communication Protocol & Introduction to Model based Development

Overview of CAN & Flexray Protocol

Software Development demands in Automotive Industry

Introduction to Model based Development in MATLAB Environment

3Model Based Development in MATLAB, process overview

Requirement Analysis

Configuration Settings Parameter

Data Dictionary Creation

4 MAAB Guidelines

MATLAB Automotive Advisory Board Process Overview

Simulation & Code Generation

5 MBD Validation Techniques

Model in Loop Testing & Validation

Software in Loop Testing & Validation

Hardware in Loop Testing & Validation

6Introduction to Autosar

Autosar Basics

Autosar Software Components & Application Layer

7 Autosar Architecture – 1

Autosar basic Software Layer

Autosar MCAL Layer

Autosar Services Layer

8Autosar Architecture – 2

Autosar Diagnostics

Autosar Memstack

9 Autosar Architecture – 3

Autosar RTE

Autosar Complex Drivers

Autosar OS & C Rules

10 Autosar Model Development in MATLAB

Modelling Autosar SWCs in MATLAB

Embedded Coder vs Autosar Coder

Autosar Editor – Code Mapping

11 Automotive Functional Safety & ISO26262 - 1

Automotive Functional Safety Concepts

Overview of ISO26262

12 Automotive Functional Safety & ISO26262 - 2

Different safety standards & levels

Projects Overview


  • Freshers, College Students & Working Professionals in Electrical and Electronics can take up this course.
  • Working Professionals, especially mid - career employees who are looking for a job change in their organisations can take on this course & gain knowledge from to help them move up the ladder.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1Who can take your course?

Students from Electrical, Electronics & Embedded Systems background.
Automotive Software Engineers from Embedded Software Development domain
Engineers working in leading Automotive OEMs who wish to change their domain to Automotive Embedded Systems

2What is included in your course?

Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems
Embedded Software Development in MATLAB Platform
Model in Loop & Software in Loop Testing of Automotive Applications
About Autosar Architecture
Autosar Model Development & Validation in MATLAB Environment
Automotive Functional Safety & ISO26262 Standard

3What will the student gain from your course?

• Basic knowledge on different functional domains in Automotive System • Hands on experience on Model Based Design in MATLAB environment • Model in Loop & Software in Loop validation • Detailed study of Autosar Architecture • MATLAB Model development of Autosar Software Components • Detailed Study on Automotive Functional Safety & ISO 26262 Standard

4 What software skills are you teaching and how well are these tools used in the industry?

MATLAB Simulink is the tool used in this course & MATLAB Simulink is one of the most prominent tools used in Automotive Software Development


5What is the real world application for the tools and techniques will you teach in this course?

Real world automotive architectures like Autosar is discussed in this course. Active Safety & Passive Safety system functionality is discussed in Autosar model development architecture.


6Which companies use these techniques and for what?

Many leading Automotive OEM & Tier 1 suppliers are using MATLAB Simulink in their software product development & validation.

7How is your course going to help me in my path to MS or PhD?

Learning this course will help students to enhance their knowledge in Automotive Embedded Systems. Many foreign universities are offering courses in Automotive Embedded Systems.

8How is this course going to help me get a job?

Leading OEM & Tier 1 suppliers in India have handful of openings in Automotive Embedded Software Development domain; Jobs are classified for Model Based Developer, Autosar Developer, Automotive Testing & Validation, HIL validation engineer etc.

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