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Data Structures and Algorithms using Python in Hyderabad

A hallmark of the best course for data structures and algorithms is the projects that help develop domain expertise. Master career-building skill sets in data science with experience in data structures and algorithms using python.

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Jayesh Suryawanshi

Volkswagen (I) Pvt. Ltd.,

RMD Sinhgad

Mithin SanthaKumar

Timetooth Technology

Cochin University of Science and Technology University in Kochi, Kerala

Manthan Waghaye

Altigreen Propulsion Labs Pvt Ltd

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College Of Engineering

Hemant Sagar

KN Associates

PM polytechnic, Delhi ncr , sonipat

Jangaiah Chikonda



sai dinesh


usharama college of engineering and technology

Vadapalli A S Krishna Maruthi Srinivas

advance technologies

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada

Manas Metar

Sphinix World Biz Limited

University of Wolverhampton


This course is full of best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry experts in the form of videos and projects

Course Overview

  • This course encloses the basic and advanced topics of Data Structures and Algorithms along with code implementation and problem solving sessions.
  • By taking up this course from SKILL-LYNC, you will clock in 200+ hours of coding for a wide range of problems.
  • You will also be taught how scalable programs are built and will be exposed to the skills that top tech companies expect from programmers
  • This course will help in developing the necessary problem-solving coding skills, to crack the coding interviews for most software companies
  • This course is designed to help a new developer explore the theoretical and practical aspects of coding 

Course Syllabus in Hyderabad

On a daily basis we talk to companies in the likes of Tata Elxsi and Mahindra to fine tune our curriculum.

Week - 01 Introduction

  • Abstract data type and Data Structure
  • Complexity Analysis
    • Asymptotic analysis
    • Comparison of functions
    • Recurrence Relations
    • Time complexity
    • Space complexity
  • Iteration
  • Recursion

Week - 02 Lists

  • Arrays
    • Static arrays
    • Dynamic arrays
    • 2D arrays
  • Strings
  • Linked List
    • Singly Linked List and its operations
    • Doubly Linked List and its operations
    • Circular Linked List and its operations


Week - 03 Stacks and Queues

  • Stacks
    • Implementations- using arrays, using linked lists
    • Operations
    • Applications
  • Queues
    • Implementations- using arrays, using linked list, using two stacks
    • Circular queues
    • Priority queues
  • Amortized Analysis
  • Stacks and Queues in Python

Week -04 Trees

  • Binary Trees:
    • Representations
    • Pre-order, In-order
    • Post-order traversals
  • Expression trees
  • Successor and Predecessor
  • Binary Search Trees and their operations
  • AVL Trees and their operations
  • Red-Black trees, Interval trees, Segment trees, B-trees, B+ trees

Week - 05 Heaps and Tries

  • Heaps
    • Min Heap
    • Max Heap
    • Implementation
    • Operations
  • Priority Queues
    • Implementations
    • Uses
  • Tries
    • Implementations
    • Uses


Week - 06 Graphs

  • Graphs
    • Representation
    • Implementation
    • Types of Graphs
  • Minimum cost spanning tree problem
  • Traversing Graph
    • Depth First Search
    • Breadth-First Search
  • Single-Source Shortest path problem
    • Dijkstra's algorithm
    • Bellman-Ford algorithm
  • Disjoint Sets
    • Union by rank
    • Path compression
    • Applications


Week - 07 Sorting

  • Types of sorting techniques
  • Bubble Sort
  • Insertion Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Heap Sort
  • Count Sort
  • Bucket Sort
  • Radix Sort
  • Shell Sort
  • Topological Sort


Week - 08 Searching and Hashing

  • Searching
    • Linear Search
    • Binary Search
  • Hashing
    • Hash function
    • Collision handling
      • Chaining
      • Open addressing
      • Linear probing, primary clustering
      • Quadratic probing, secondary clustering
      • Double hashing
    • Hash Tables
  • Collection Module in Python


Week - 09 Greedy Algorithms

  • Optimization Problems
  • Types of algorithms
  • Greedy Algorithms
    • The strategies of Greedy Algorithms
    • Elements of Greedy Algorithms
    • Advantages of Greedy Algorithms
    • Disadvantages of Greedy Algorithms
    • Applications of Greedy Algorithms

Week - 10 Divide and Conquer

  • Divide and Conquer Techniques
    • Strategies 
    • Advantages 
    • Disadvantages 
    • Master theorem 
    • Applications 
  • Special types of problems
    • Bit Manipulation problems
    • Two pointer problems
    • Sliding Window problems
    • Merge Intervals problems

Week - 11 Backtracking

  • Backtracking
    • Brute Force Approach
    • N Queens Problem
  • String matching Algorithms
    • Brute Force Method
    • KMP
    • Rabin Karp
  • Data Structures for storing strings


Week - 12 Dynamic Programming

  • Dynamic Programming
    • Approaches of Dynamic Programming
    • Top-down approach
    • Bottom-up approach
    • Properties of Dynamic Programming
  • Comparison of Algorithmic Techniques learned
  • Regular Expressions
  • Pattern matching algorithm
  • Complexity Classes
  • P, NP, NP-Hard, NP-Complete
  • Is P==NP?
  • Problem Solving Summary


Our courses have been designed by industry experts to help students achieve their dream careers

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Become a Python Data Structures Expert with the Data Structures and Algorithms using Python Course in Hyderabad

Skill-Lync's Data Structures course in Hyderabad is designed to give you a strong foundation in the basics of data structures and algorithms. The course begins with an introduction to the basics of data structures and algorithms, followed by a detailed explanation of lists, stacks, queues, trees, and heaps. The course then covers sorting algorithms, and finally, graph algorithms.

This data structures and algorithms course provides a comprehensive introduction to the basics of data structures and algorithms. It takes into consideration all the important topics that you need to know in order to ace your interviews. The 100% online course would require 12 weeks to learn data structures and algorithms.

If you are looking for the best data structures and algorithms course that will help you build a strong foundation in data structures and algorithms, then Skill-Lync's Python Data Structures course is the right choice for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Data Structures and Algorithms using Python Course in Hyderabad

Why choose the Python Data Structures Course from Skill-Lync in Hyderabad?

The Python data structures online course from Skill-Lync in Hyderabad is a best way to learn about data structures and algorithms. The course covers topics such as algorithm analysis, big O notation, time complexity, singly-linked list, and much more. By the end of the course, you will have a strong understanding of data structures and algorithms that will help you in future interviews.

What are the prerequisites for taking up the Python Data Structures Course from Skill-Lync in Hyderabad?

The course is open to anyone with a basic knowledge of programming. No prior knowledge of data structures or algorithms are required.

What is the program fee for the Python Data Structures Course from Skill-Lync in Hyderabad?

The Python data structures and algorithms training Hyderabad from Skill-Lync is available in 3 different plans. You can go for the Premium plan that costs INR 15,000 per month for three months which gives you lifetime access to the course materials.

Alternatively, you can go for the Basic plan which costs INR 7,000 per month for 3 months and gives you 2 months of course material access. You can also go for the Pro plan at INR 10000 for 3 months that gives you 4 months access to the course material.

What are the benefits of choosing to do the Python Data Structures Course from Skill-Lync in Hyderabad?

The data structures and algorithms course in Hyderabad is designed to give you a strong understanding of data structures and algorithms, two concepts that are essential to any programmer. By the end of the course, you will be able to write efficient code in Python and will have a deep understanding of how data structures and algorithms work. This course is taught by experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching.

The course is also very comprehensive, covering everything from the basics of data structures and algorithms to advanced topics such as recursion and dynamic programming. Overall, the Python Data Structures Course from Skill-Lync is an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn about data structures and algorithms.

What are the career prospects after completing the Python Data Structures Course from Skill-Lync in Hyderabad?

Upon completing the Data Structures course from Skill-Lync in Hyderabad many exciting career opportunities will open up for you. Some of the job roles that you can take up after completing this course are as follows:

What is the expected salary range after completing the Python Data Structures Course from Skill-Lync in Hyderabad?

The average salary range of Python Developers in Hyderabad is INR 427,293. This can vary and go up to INR 10,00,000 per year as you gain more experience in the industry and work on more complex technologies.

Flexible Pricing

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INR 40,000

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Become job ready with our comprehensive industry focused curriculum for freshers & early career professionals

  • 1 Year Accessto Skill-Lync’s Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Personalized Pageto showcase Projects & Certifications

  • Live Individual & Group Sessionsto resolve queries, Discuss Progress and Study Plans.

  • Personalized & Hands-OnSupport over Mail, Telephone for Query Resolution & Overall Learner Progress.

  • Job-Oriented Industry Relevant Curriculumavailable at your fingertips curated by Global Industry Experts along with Live Sessions.

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Our courses are designed by leading academicians and experienced industry professionals.


1 industry expert

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10 years in the experience range

Instructors with 10 years extensive industry experience.


Areas of expertise

  • Full Stack development

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