Business Analyst Fundamentals for Beginners

A beginner level course to get you started as a Business Analyst

  • Domain : CSE
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A Quick Overview

A Business Analyst plays a vital role in the successful and smooth execution of any project. They bridge the gaps between stakeholders and IT teams and work towards the successful execution of projects. For Business Analysts to work effectively, certain skills are required viz Communication skill, Documentation Skills, Project understanding, Tools & techniques and a basic idea about the latest trends in technology as well.

This course covers all the above requirements from the BA perspective and also defines the learning and career roadmap for Business Analysts. 



1Business Analyst

  • Introduction & Importance of Business Analysis
  • What Business Analysts do?
  • Why are BAs important?
  • Foundation of Business Analyst
  • Key Skills for Business Analyst

2Project Management

  • Project Management
  • What does it mean?
  • Project management methodologies including traditional Waterfall and Agile frameworks.
  • Learn how to gather requirements from stakeholders and documentary sources.
  • Project Documents. (BRD, FSD, Project Plan) etc.
  • Project Plan - Various Tools
  • Project Plan with JIRA

3Flow Charts

  • Flow charts concepts.
  • – Tool for Flowcharts
  • Self-explanatory flow charts.

4Cloud Computing

  • Evolution & Benefits
  • Service Model – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Deployment Model – Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud
  • Virtualization Concept
  • Data Centers : Then & Now

5Design & Architecture

  • Shared Security Model & Security Aspects
  • Cloud Deployments – Single Tenant v Multitenant Model
  • Monolithic – SOA- Microservices Architecture
  • Cloud Computing Resources & its types
  • Compute & Choices
  • Network Nausea
  • Storage Stunts
  • Database Dumbbells

6Cloud Applications & Integrations

  • Cloud Applications – Solution specific
  • Integrations – Together we work better
  • API – Core for Integrations
  • Basic Introduction of API & integration with Node.js.

7NLP, Data Analysis & Bots

  • NLP - Introduction
  • Intents, Entities, Properties.
  • Data Analysis Concepts (FP, FN, TP,TN).
  • Top 10 integrations and its use cases. (Zendesk, Salesforce, Salesforce live chat, Freshchat, Freshdesk, Shopify, Magnato )

Projects Overview

Project 1


Problem Statement:

Frisco Systems, a worldwide leader in technology that powers the Internet, had made a series of strategic semiconductor acquisitions that were running on disparate ERP platforms. Frisco Systems forecasted this semiconductor business to become one of their fastest-growing divisions with expectations to grow beyond a billion dollars by the end of 2022. It was essential to consolidate these acquisitions on to one platform to enable the forecasted growth and scale. 

Merging the acquisition needs business also to be merged and work as a single entity. A Big team with complete Hierarchy is involved in this project. Your role is a Business Analyst. 

Now there are multiple tasks for which various people will be accountable or responsible. You are required to plan the tasks with an RACI Matrix

Project 2


Problem Statement:

Skill-game is a Mobile gaming company and they want to launch a new game similar to Scrabble. Now, as a Business analyst, you need to demonstrate the process of starting with a Product Concept and working up the chain to determine business problems and a business objective. You need to ask Questions with business executives and come-up with the Product Concept. 

Project 3


Problem Statement:

Migration projects are quite common nowadays and will be in the future too. This is considered to be the biggest change which any IT company needs to achieve without losing the current functionality. 

Many IT projects are focused on migrating existing functionality to a Cloud system. The goal of the project may be to move to a new platform, build a new system from the ground up with the exact same functionality, or to move a piece of functionality from one system to another. Justifications for such projects include moving off an unsupported technology, gaining performance improvements or integrating with other enterprise systems.

Consider any project which has an Application Server, Database, User Interface etc.

The requirements gathering effort for migration projects is notably different than for a new system being built from scratch or for adding new functionality to an existing system. At a high level, the distinctions are in scope definition, understanding original business needs, working with end users, discovering the end-to-end functionality and IT involvement.

Scope discussions should take into account whether to include the following: 

  • Migration of all functionality
  • Phasing pieces of functionality over a rollout timeframe 
  • Adding or changing functionality 
  • Updating user interfaces

What all information gathering you will be doing as a business analyst. What do you need to know technically for these kinds of projects?  List out what all questions come to your mind while working as a Business Analyst. 



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  • Course completion certificates will be provided to all students
  • Build a professional portfolio
  • Automatically link your technical projects
  • E-verified profile that can be shared on LinkedIn


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