Construction Planning using Primavera P6

A 3 month course on construction planning and management using Primavera P6

  • Domain : CIVIL
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A Quick Overview

This course deals with basic aspects of construction management and its implementation through Primavera P6. The concepts are explained through case study examples and hands-on application demos in Primavera P6. The areas of planning and scheduling forms the foundation for the use of the software at the professional level. The challenges and projects are designed to improve the understanding and harness professional skills.


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1Fundamentals of Project Planning & Management

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Career Perspectives
  • What is Planning?
  • Planning Parameters
  • Iron Triangle
  • Project Lifecycle
  • Terminologies
  • Introduction to Primavera P6
  • Outputs of Primavera P6

2Project Structuring

  • Projects, Programs and Portfolio
  • Understanding Contracts
  • Project Case Study : Introduction
  • Portfolio and Organisational Structure

3Project Configuration

  • Projects in P6
  • Calendars in P6
  • Calendar - Types and uses
  • Calendar - Project study
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • WBS - Representation
  • Layout and Views

4Activities and relationships

  • Defining activities
  • Sequencing in construction
  • Sequencing in demolition
  • Defining activities
  • Adding activities
  • Activity steps
  • Activity codes
  • User defined fields
  • User preferences

5Schedule Implementation

  • Critical path method
  • Critical path analysis
  • Schedule network analysis
  • Relationships
  • Lag and leads

6Grouping , filtering and formatting

  • Group and sort
  • Filters
  • Customizing activity IDs
  • Global change
  • Tracing logic
  • Tables and fonts


  • Baselines
  • Types of Baselines
  • Creating Baselines
  • Assigning Baselines
  • Restoring Baselines
  • Budgeting

8Resource and Costs

  • Resource Management Process
  • Responsibility of Project Managers 
  • Resource Types
  • Resource Assignments
  • Creating Resource
  • Levelling Resource
  • Resource Profiles and Spreadsheets

9Updating and Tracking

  • Responsibility of Project Managers 
  • Updating Progress
  • Mode of Updating
  • Automatic and Manual Updating
  • Graphical Progress Indicators
  • Tracking

10Risks, Issues and Threshold

  • Risk Definition
  • Adding Risk and Types
  • P6 Risk Categories
  • P6 Risk Analysis
  • P6 Risk score calculations
  • Threshold
  • Issues

11Oracle P6 Visualizer

  • Visualizer and Types
  • Visualizer Layouts
  • Customizing and Formatting
  • Reflections

12Generating Outputs and Reports

  • Report and Types
  • Batching Reports
  • Customizing Reports
  • Level of Effort
  • Import and Export
  • Using Curtains in P6
  • Check In / Check Out

Projects Overview

Project 1


Skill-Lync wants to construct a school as a part of its corporate social objective. You are the project manager. Develop a realistic schedule to construct a main school building (G+2). It will have a parking facility with internal roads and main building complete with architectural, furniture and electrical fittings. You are required to plan the Design and Construction of the project. Also include basic electrical and plumbing activities. Project will start on 1st October 2020 and end by 30th April 2023. Work hours will be 24 hours and 6 days a week. Complete Design in 8 months.

The schedule guidelines are stated below :

  1. Make the EPS and OBS and assign a Project Manager
  2. Create at least 50 activities.
  3. Break Major WBS as - Initial Activities , Design , Construction and Balance Works
  4. Further Breakdown Construction into Substructure, Superstructure and Architectural
  5. Further breakdown the WBS as per suitability
  6. Use all FS , SS , FF and lags suitably
  7. Filter all critical activity
  8. Assign a user defined field suitably
  9. At Least 2 activities must have constraints (Excluding start)
  10. Some predecessors may be discretionary but realistic


Project 2


A 100 m WBM road needs to be constructed inside the Skill Lync Education center premises to allow access to the centre for students and faculties.
Create the following Project (under same EPS/OBS as project-1) and Resource :
Project Name - Education Centre Road
Assume - Calendar as 6 x 24 and start date on 22nd feb 2021

Please do the following:

  1. Develop the project schedule as per the criteria above
  2. Use 3-Tier timescale with Year / Month / Weeks
  3. Define and Add resources
  4. Add a budget to your project - INR 6 cr.
  5. Assign a baseline to the project
  6. Add following expense:
    Task - 1 - Rs 20,000/- (Item - Fuel)
    Task - 2 - Rs 30,000 /- (Item - Maintenance)
  7. Generate material resource costs curve
  8. Generate an activity wise cost report
  9. Create a reflection
  10. In the reflection, auto update the project at 15 days from start
  11. Open a TSLD view of the project in Visualizer
  12. Add curtains up-to first 15 days of the project.
  13. Find out the actual cost for labour, non-labour and material cost of the updated schedule

Flexible Course Fees

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2 Months Access


Per month for 3 months

  • Access Duration : 2 months
  • Mode of Delivery : Online
  • Project Portfolio : Available
  • Certification : Available
  • Email Support : Available
  • Forum Support : Available

Lifetime Access


Per month for 3 months

  • Access Duration : Lifetime
  • Mode of Delivery : Online
  • Project Portfolio : Available
  • Certification : Available
  • Individual Video Support : 12/Month
  • Group Video Support : 12/Month
  • Email Support : Available
  • Forum Support : Available
  • Telephone Support : Available
  • Dedicated Support Engineer : Available


  • Civil Engineers aspiring to become project management professionals, would be project managers and Freshers can take this course. This will enhance their skill as professionals and build a holistic view regarding application of Primavera.


Oracle Primavera P6 Professional 18

Oracle Primavera P6 is a scheduling software used worldwide in Construction, Oil & Gas,Manufacturing, Softwares etc. It is database oriented software and provides a variety of  tools and functions for planning, tracking and managing projects.


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  • Top 5% of the class will get a merit certificate
  • Course completion certificates will be provided to all students
  • Build a professional portfolio
  • Automatically link your technical projects
  • E-verified profile that can be shared on LinkedIn

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Who can take this course?

Civil Engineers aspiring to become project management professionals and freshers can take this course. This will enhance their skill as professionals and build a holistic view regarding application of Primavera.

2What is included in this course?

  • Fundamental concepts for construction planning
  • Detailed approach to Primavera P6 application with case study
  • Scheduling techniques from the perspective of Industry professionals

3What will the student gain from this course?

  • Basic concepts of construction planning and management
  • Construction oriented scheduling practice
  • Other Industrial application of Primavera P6
  • Lucid understanding with case study
  • Challenges and Assignment to sharpen P6 skills
  • Enhanced job eligibility

4What software skills are you teaching and how well are these tools used in the industry?

Oracle Primavera P6 is used for planning and scheduling for complex and large-scale construction projects. It is also used in Software development, Oil & Gas, Power etc. Case study will serve as example of application areas.

5What is the real world application for the tools and techniques being taught in this course?

The course will help to develop a professional approach and enhance one’s perspective as a planner or PMP. Sound knowledge of software application will give an added edge over other working professionals.

6Which companies use these techniques and for what?

Top companies like AECOM, JLL, Bechtel, JACOBS are top project management consultants.

7How is your course going to help me in my path to MS or PhD?

Knowledge of fundamentals of project management will help in studies like Post Grad. and Masters programs in Construction/Project management.

8How is this course going to help you get a job?

This is a tailor-made course for

  1. Civil Engg freshers and beginners aspiring to be Planning engineers
  2. Management Professionals to become Job-ready to cater to growing job demand in the market.

It will increase their job probability in construction domain.

The Skill-Lync Advantage

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