Ramadan - An Auspicious Time to Boost Your Career

Ramadan is a time to spread kindness and have gratitude in your heart. Also, it is an auspicious time for you to think about some ways on how to stay ahead in your career. So, this holy season, begin your journey to your dream job. Clear obstacles in your career path with Skill-Lync’s PG Programs. 

ramadan 2022 pg programs


Skill-Lync is one of the leading e-learning platforms for engineers who have an appetite to upskill themselves. Step up to bring an impact on this technology-driven world by learning some key technical skills through Skill-Lync’s courses. Skill-Lync’s team is waiting for your arrival to train you with industry-oriented courses designed by industry experts. The courses are designed to teach you cutting edge tools and technologies that are used in the industry. We have courses covering mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics, computer science and also biomedical engineering domain, which caters to the industry’s growing demand.


Build a Better Tomorrow by Upgrading Yourself with Skill-Lync Courses

Skilled engineers create a better world through their innovations, and Skill-Lync wants you to be one among them. Skill-Lync’s advanced course would give deep insights into industry trends and will make you industry-ready. With the knowledge that you would gain from Skill-Lync courses, you would be able to produce value for the organization from the first day. Skill-Lync’s technical support team have subject matter experts who can clear all your queries and doubts. Recently, Skill-Lync has tied with Renault Nissan Tech to train and upskill professionals in vehicle development, including electrification and software. Thus it ensures that students make their best out of Skill-Lync’s courses. 

By enrolling in Skill-Lync’s courses, you will get a chance to learn directly from industry experts. The projects that are included in syllabi are real-time problems that are faced by industries. Skill-Lync also has a dedicated career success team to help you with interview preparation. Once you have completed three modules of your PG Program career success team would conduct mock interviews to boost your confidence. Also, they help to carve your resume by including only relevant skills that the recruiter would look for. Also, after completing the course along with projects, you would receive a course completion certificate. You could build a better portfolio and increase your potential with Skill-Lync.


Aim to fulfil your career aspirations this Ramadan

Skill-Lync has helped 1000+ engineers to find their dream job in the core industry. We also want to help you in getting your dream job. Gear up to upskill yourself with Skill-Lync’s learning programs. Commence your journey on Ramadan to get a 20% off on our PG Programs.


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