Four Tips to Enhance Your Engineering Career


four tips to enhance your engineering career


When we roll out a list of the contribution of India to the world, we can see that it is the largest producer of engineers. Home to a quarter of the engineers in the world, approximately 1.5 million engineers graduate every year in India- the competition is unprecedented. However, a job after engineering has become an end in itself. Engineers often overlook the need of enhancing their careers. You may have the technical capabilities to ace an interview. But you need more than just technical abilities. Nevertheless, with this article, you will understand all about promoting yourself, developing networks, and following the avenues that lead to your career goals. 


Plan Your Career

“Where do you see yourself in five years”?

You may have a prepared response as it is a popular interview question. However, you must look into what you want to do in the next five years beyond the need to prepare for a successful interview. While thinking about this, keep in mind your personality, skill set, preferred role, and the changing needs of the labour market. 

Having a specific field in mind and a basic idea of the job you want to pursue will assist you in preparing by allowing you to gain the necessary skills, education, expertise, and experience. Set aside time at least twice a year, if not once a quarter, to think about and plan where you want to see yourself in 5 years. It is a crucial milestone in the career of every engineer.


Learn (Relevant) Skills

As an engineer, upskilling is a significant step to enhancing your career. According to the fifth edition of the National Employability Report (2019), only 3% of the engineers have advanced skills in critical areas like machine learning, mobile technologies, Artificial Intelligence, data engineering, etc. 

Though available in massive numbers, engineers are always in high demand in the largest corporations in India. However, as an engineer, you must have some skillsets and abilities before starting your career. Some corporations do not even want to spend a lot of money on on-the-job training. Check the skills required for your dream job by surfing through internet. And then acquire those skills. Take self-assessment tests to evaluate yourself and keep growing. 


Certifications Will Help You Stand Out

Obtaining your engineering license is a significant accomplishment, but what comes next? Because time flies and things change so quickly, a revolutionary plan may become obsolete in some years. According to the fifth edition of the National Employability Report (2019), only 2 out of five engineering graduates have done an internship, and only 36% have tried doing anything beyond their course curriculum. Pursuing some Value Added Courses and having industrial exposure through in-plant training and internships is critical. 


Enhance Your Engineering Career With Skill-Lync

Skill-Lync is an e-learning firm specializing in mechanical engineering courses. Founded in 2015, the organization teaches budding engineers the technical skills they need to get started and prosper in their careers.


Internships at Skill-Lync

Now that you want to do an internship, you can always consider Skill-Lync. With attractive stipends, perks, and benefits, interested students from any engineering institutes across India can apply for the Campus Ambassador, Operations Collecting, Marketing Analytics, Sales, Software Development, and other rewarding internship programs. You can join Skill-Lync and explore how is an internship at Skill-Lync. Undoubtedly, it will help you gain new skills, work experience, and a competitive edge over other engineers.


Courses at Skill-Lync

Advanced engineering courses offered by Skill-Lync will help you earn prestigious certificates and refine your skills and expertise. You may think, “is Skill-Lync good”?; Yes, it is one of the best platforms you will find to enhance your career after engineering. You can browse courses in your preferred field- mechanical, electrical, civil, computer science, electronics, and biomedical. In addition to that, you can choose courses in your desired domain- automotive, CFD, FEA, design, MBD, MedTech, preprocessor, solver, automation, vehicle dynamics, etc. Also, you can enrol in courses as per your semester. Skill-Lync has fully-tailored courses for first, second, third, and fourth-year engineering students.


Why Certifications from Skill-Lync?

Certifications from Skill-Lync will help you diversify your talents and stand out in the competitive field. Hiring managers value candidates with necessary certificates because they demonstrate initiative and versatility. While they are not a prerequisite for engineering jobs, possessing these indicates your resilience and ability to tackle challenges.


Build Your Social Media Presence

Undoubtedly, having a sturdy online social media presence can help you advance in your engineering profession. You can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by utilizing social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others to make it easier for people to locate and communicate with you. 

But why social media for engineers? See some examples:

  • Design News is one of the largest communities of design engineers.
  • Connecting over 11,000 engineers worldwide, the Engineering Exchange is one of the best platforms to connect with similar minds like you.
  • There are many LinkedIn groups for engineers. Engineering Talks and Engineering Collaboration for PLM are some of them.
  • You can also find relevant Quora boards like Mechanical Engineering Board, Engineering Board, and Electrical Engineering Board, which will help you enhance your engineering career.

Visibility and recognition might be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful engineering career.



Companies seek candidates who can differentiate themselves from the colossal pool of engineers. You could have a near-perfect CGPA and be a bookie, but the value you can provide to a company determines your worth. Finally, if you are thinking about “how to get a job after graduation in India”, you must stand out from the crowd of engineers. Do so by planning your career, upskilling, earning certifications, and building a sturdy social media profile. You can also sign up for platforms like Skill-Lync. Does Skill-Lync provide placement? Yes, Skill-Lync can help you get hired at top firms like Actalent, Satven, Mahindra, Segula, HCL, Capgemini, Hinduja Tech, etc., whether you want to start a new profession or shift careers! 


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