The Secrets Behind the Top 50 Placements at Skill-Lync: Part 1 

Everyone loves to hear success stories: knowing that someone else has done the same thing you are aspiring to do and succeeded provides a source of inspiration. 

Skill-Lync recently started a series called "Student Success Journeys" to give an idea of how Skill-Lync trains its students to achieve victory in their job search. Among the 180 students who were placed, here are the secrets behind the top 50 placements at Skill-Lync.


50 Shades of Success: Part 1

1. Puneet Pawar: FIAT Chrysler Automobiles, CFD Engineer

Puneet enrolled in Skill-Lync's HEV Masters' Programme after finishing him M. Tech at an IIIT institute. 3-4 months into the course, Puneet was successful in getting a job in FIAT Chrysler Automobiles, an Italian-American firm.

2. Harshal Sukenkhar: FIAT Chrysler Automobiles, CFD Analyst

Harshal had finished his masters' from the University of Plymouth but was unable to find a job in the UK. On returning to India, he enrolled in the HEV Design and Analysis Course. Along with Puneet, Harshal was part of the first set of HEV students who got placed (when they only finished 50% of the course!) 

3. Manogna: GKN Aerospace, Manufacturing Engineer

Like most engineering students in the country, Manogna ended up at an IT firm after earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Keen to secure a job related to her field, she joined the CFD Master's Course and got interviews with Mercedes Benz and GKN Aerospace within a few months. She joined the latter firm and also received a 15% hike in salary after joining!

4. Arun Gupta: DHIO Engineering Services, CFD Analyst 

Following his M. Tech degree, Arun joined the CFD Master's Programme at Skill-Lync to specialize in computation fluid dynamics. He currently has a job in his area of interest at DHIO Engineering Services, Bangalore. 

5. Jorge Martinez: Bombardier (UK), Systems Engineer

Skill-Lync has also trained international students and helped them achieve their dream job. 20% of students are from 23 countries apart from India, and Jorge was one of them who joined the CFD Master's Programme after finishing his Aerospace Master's degree in the US. 

6. Ashish Mendon: FEV Automobiles, CAE Intern

Ashish enrolled in the HEV Master's Course while pursuing his degree at Kettering University. After completing three modules in the course, Ashish got an internship offer from FEV Automobiles that is currently underway. 

7. Vignesh: Cummins (USA), Quality Engineer 

A long-time student of Skill-Lync, Vignesh has finished over eight courses. He joined the platform in its early stages and got an admit to Penn State University within a year. Vignesh continued to study Skill-Lync courses, and soon enough, he was placed at Cummins Inc. at Columbus, USA. 

8. Rajesh Deva: Force Motors, Junior Engineering Manager

Another early student, Rajesh, was already working as a production engineer when he took up the Design Master's course to find more opportunities in that domain. He was promoted to a BIW Engineer in the same firm, and after a couple of other Skill-Lync courses, he joined Force Motors.

9. Lucky Agarwal: CEAT Types, R&D Specialist 

Lucky took up several multibody dynamics (MBD) courses from Skill-Lync which involved significant computational work (Vehicle Dynamics using MATLAB, Suspension Design using Adams) too. This knowledge helped him clear the CEAT interview. 

10. Jithin Jami: Quest Global, Acoustic Engineer for Rolls-Royce Engines

A student of three different courses, Jithin put in considerable effort to gain valuable skills in computational fluid dynamics and aerodynamics. His current role as Quest Global makes him put his expertise to good use. 

11. Sarathi: Thermal Systems (VALEO), CFD Simulation Engineer

Sarathi had prior experience in CFD, but most of it was only software knowledge. He joined the CFD Master's course to hone his skills and was promoted to a CFD Simulation engineer with a 36% salary hike. 

12. Raghav Mundra: IIT-Kharagpur, Research Assistant 

Skill-Lync courses also help the students get research-oriented positions, and Raghav is an excellent example of that. Others from Skill-Lync have also secured positions as RAs at other IITs and IISc. 

13. Adarsh BL: EASi, GET

Adarsh finished his undergraduate degree with an average CGPA and was looking for opportunities to upskill himself. After enrolling in the HEV Design and Analysis course and completing his projects, Adarsh got ten job interviews and three offers, from which he chose IEASi. 

14. Shrey Shah: Openso (USA), Senior Design Engineer

Another international student who found success at Skill-Lync, Shrey was part of the CFD Master's Programme after his Master's degree at UT, Dallas. He currently earns $65,000 a year at Openso. 

15. Pudi Pratap: Marjan Machinery, Mechanical Design Engineer 

Another passionate and hardworking student, Pudi got a core engineering job offer from Marjan Machinery after pursuing the CFD Programme at Skill-Lync. 

16. Jerrold Williams: Fluid Mech, GET

A 2019 graduate, Jerrold invested a significant amount of patience and hard work into the CFD course at Skill-Lync before getting his dream job at Fluid Mech as a GET. 

17. Karthik Iyer: SATVEN, CAE GET

Karthik had a passion for CAE but experienced several failures at job interviews. Following his course at Skill-Lync, his never-give-up attitude helped him land a job at SATVEN. 

18. Aravind Subramaniam: Revoh Innovations, Electric Powertrain Engineer

Aravind was a brilliant engineer who was keen on securing a core engineering job. Skill-Lync's mock interviews gave him much-needed assistance in polishing his communication skills, which helped him clear the interviews. 

19 & 20. Yugandhar Gopisetty and Praveen Reddy: BETA CAE, Automation Engineers

Yugandhar and Praveen were both students of the CAE Master's course at Skill-Lync. Yugandhar sharpened his coding skills while Praveen worked on the interview process, and both of them work together at BETA CAE (the company that developed ANSA). 

21. Sachin Murali: Ford Motors, Vehicle Architect 

Sachin was part of a pilot project at Skill-Lync that aimed to transform average engineering graduates, and he was victorious in securing a job at Ford. 

22. Jitesh Sahjwani: Equilibrium Solutions, GET

Jitesh used to put in 12 hours a day at Skill-Lync to improve his engineering skills. His hard work paid off when he got his dream job at Equilibrium. 

23.Shravankumar Nagapuri: Tell, Simulation Engineer 

Shravankumar was a professor for five years before enrolling in the CFD Programme to enter the core industry. He works extensively with ANSYS software in his current role.

24. Luv Kumar: SATVEN, CAE GET

Someone who was heavily inspired by his fellow peers, Luv relentlessly travelled across various cities in search of his dream job and was ultimately placed at SATVEN. 

25. Shashidhar Reddy: EASi, GET

A candidate who was very flexible with his job preferences, Shashidhar got a job at EASi after completing his HEV Masters from Skill-Lync. 

26. Purojeet Patnayak: Axiscades, GET

A student of the CAE programme, Purojeet currently works in the aerospace domain of Axicades. 


This was a quick look at 26 of our top 50 placements. Check out part 2 for the remaining success stories.

Your success at Skill-Lync largely depends on your effort, and Skill-Lync provides you with all the tools and resources you need. Knowing the brutal truth about the top 50 placements at Skill-Lync, if you also want to be part of the fantastic experience, check out some of their Master's courses today! 


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